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content documentation though video

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legally require everyone to videotape all sexual encounters with copies sent to both partners in a locked and innacesable file format. File could only be could only be unlocked in case of legal investigation in which the video would serve as proof of guilt or exculpatory evidence.
bob, Jan 19 2018


       Would you also mandate unflattering camera angles?
pertinax, Jan 19 2018

       And the content should also appear as though it was made with a potato camera by a distracted untrained person making their first video - no point in making this painless or entertaining to watch.
normzone, Jan 19 2018

       Doesn’t prove much. Rape which happens DURING sex is likely to be a thing soon. As in, it was good fun, right up until I was cumming then it got to be, like in my mind, rape, only I couldn’t say the word ‘stop’, I was cumming too hard. Arrest him please..   

       Take my advice, only have sex in a brain scanner..
DDRopDeadly, Jan 20 2018

       At any point you can say, the safe word, stop. Some points of the experience are messier than others, though.
wjt, Jan 21 2018


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