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e mail messages

delayed e mail messages
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After convincing me that my English skills are poor and not be able to contradict the basic idea of the “centrifuge antigravity machine” I described, here is an easier one for you.

For a person that uses the E mail as a working tool, sometimes you regret when you press the “enter” button on your keyboard or mouse to send an E mail message, but it is too late, it is already on the way, I heard that there are some options to call your internet company an ask them to erase it from their server, which I don’t understand how, if the recipient already downloaded it but anyway, is there a small add on software that you can download that will delay the “send” action for a few more seconds?

Please try to be more mature about the idea instead of checking my spelling mistakes this time, I will Wright in Greek next time :-)

izikalvo, Jun 01 2008

a small add on software that you can download that will delay the “send” action for a few more seconds http://billrob.com/...ools/entry1674.aspx
This is a "rule" file for Outlook 2007. [Amos Kito, Jun 01 2008]

Will Wright on Greek idea http://www.vtmagazi...ter04/feature2.html
In addition to providing a cost-effective housing solution, "It gives more people on campus the chance to see the Greek community," says Will Wright, president of the Interfraternity Council. [theleopard, Jun 02 2008]

FutureMe.org http://www.futureme.org/
Only tangentially related... send an email to yourself in the future [xaviergisz, Jun 03 2008]


       Outlook/Exchange will allow you to recall undelivered messages. Outlook will allow you to schedule a message for future delivery as well.   

       It seems easier to simply delay hitting the "send" key for a few minutes.
phoenix, Jun 01 2008

       I worked as a Supervisor for T-Mobile and one of the office staff sent out an e-mail with an Excel® attachment to "all" with every, e-v-e-r-y person's salary for the entire company. She recalled the e-mail, but not before œ the employees had saved the attachment and forwarded to home. The president of T-Mobile was not pleased having his salary known by all the employees.   

       Recall works, but only if the e-mail has not already been opened and saved.
Klaatu, Jun 01 2008

       Ooh, [klatu], post a link!
nineteenthly, Jun 01 2008

       [nineteenthly] I wish that I could. Because I was "Management", I had to set the example for my employees and delete my file. (I can divulge that he was making in the mid 6-figures + bonuses and stock options. His annual tops out in the 7-figure range)   

       As an aside...those minutes you get charged 20-30¢ cost 1/6th of a penny each. When your account is credited 60 minutes, they are giving you a whopping 10¢.
Klaatu, Jun 01 2008

       I like the idea - sort of. One way of implementing it would be to press the 'Print' button, take the paper-version of your email, read it again, and if you are happy, you could put it into some kind of protective 'envelope', write the recipient's name and address onto it and have it conveyed physically to the desired location. Kind of like non-e-mail.   

       Also, your second paragraph could probably benefit from some full stops.
zen_tom, Jun 02 2008

       In Outlook, under Tools->Options->Mail Setup, you can turn off the "Send immediately if connected" option and instead schedule mail to be sent every half an hour or something, which will usually allow some time for rethinking.
hippo, Jun 02 2008

       What's the Speed Of Think? I've read hb annotations that I posted years ago, realized how badly they were worded, and removed or fixed them.   

       You could type your email into a word processor, save the file, review it, then cut & paste it later. It has the added advantage of fixing spelling and the atrocious grammar. Present company excluded.
Amos Kito, Jun 02 2008

       Yeah, good idea (+), for a solution, I'd go with [hippo] and modify the send/receive interval.   

       PS Don't rely on email recall. Email is a one way process and recall only works if the receivers email program has a recall function and is set to allow it.
MisterQED, Jun 02 2008

       Good idea. A minute or so rarely makes much difference to the receiver. I know I often edit my HB posts within a minute of posting, so why not with email?
Bad Jim, Jun 02 2008

       looking at the outlook tools, options, mail set up, you can only choose if the software will preform send and receive while connecting, this is not the case i am talking about of course, working "on line" all the time and delaying the send action will be more like it.
izikalvo, Jun 03 2008

       Are you wishing what I am wishing?   

       That you had the above proposed facility on the Halfbakery? Don't worry, you do. Delete this now, and I can almost guarantee that nobody will remind you of this.   

       Besides, we did not can your antigravity idea based on misunderstanding, we canned it because it was shit.
4whom, Jun 03 2008

       Gmail has had this for many years now, though it was probably only added after this idea was posted.
notexactly, Jun 08 2018


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