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Email by Horse & Rider

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When you receive an email to your designated address it does not got to your regular inbox, but that of The Company. The Company transcribes the email onto parchment using a quill and ink, then seals it up with a wax stamp. A rider is dispached post-haste, wearing full period dress, to hand deliver your message.
simonj, May 19 2009

Might look something like this! http://www.dafont.c...size=l&classt=alpha
[simonj, May 19 2009]

The font is your choice, horse might prove tricky http://www.ezgram.com/
Email-to-letter services are baked, but the mounted rider really adds some flair [loonquawl, May 19 2009]

And for fully authenticaded email... Horse_20Alarm
[theircompetitor, May 19 2009]

"The mail is here, the mail is here!" http://www.billiesi...RidePonyExpress.jpg
[normzone, May 19 2009]

Authenticated Secure Source http://lib.store.ya...y-express-badge.jpg
"nothing worse than an inbox full of ASS" [normzone, May 19 2009]


       ([simonj], I love Dafont, use it all the time for work.)
theleopard, May 19 2009

       At first I rolled my eyes at this, but then I realized its transformative potential on email petition campaigns. Elected officials and TV executives might end up needing pikemen.
Laughs Last, May 19 2009

       I actually had a job slightly like this, minus the period dress: administrative assistant to a high-ranking executive who got tons of email and was nearly unable to use a computer. I printed it all out and stacked it on the desk. Later, I'd try to decipher the replies that were scrawled somewhere on the page (on the corner? over on the back?), type them in and send them after fixing the spelling and grammar. If horses and quills had been available, someone might've gotten the point that this was not the most efficient setup...
hob, May 19 2009

       Maybe not horses, but quills are always available. I could go out now and find half a dozen big feathers floating about and make them into pens if i so chose.
This reminds me of the RFC about homing pigeons.
nineteenthly, May 19 2009

       More symmetrical, but even less efficient; your email gets transcribed and carried by horse and ride (in period costume) to the company's other building, an appreciable distance away, where it is collected and put back into an email for your original recipient.   

       This is still good, though.
dbmag9, May 19 2009

       Let's hope there won't be too much spam.
English Bob, May 19 2009


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