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Corporate Advertising Dis-incentivization App/Browser Extension

Because apart from the cost, I see no reason not to advertise.
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Today I did a google search for something involving the word "Dell". There, I've just amplified my own problem.

Less than an hour later, I'm seeing ads for Dell Poweredge servers and the like. Now, I'm REALLY not in the market for buying anything from Dell, especially any server equipment*. So this ad is a waste of my time and Dell's money. Now I don't care about Dell's money, but, unfortunately, that's the only language they speak. So how do we implement the first advertising DIS- incentive?

Ads use images. Images are easily matched. So, when our app/browser extension sees an ad image on the screen it interacts with the bs0co website, a website in which you are financially invested. The investment doesn't need to be much, but the more the better. So what happens? The app/browser extension spots a Dell ad. The outcome? A small investment is made in competitor's stock, such as HP leveraged through one of the many fractional-share services.

Your computer sees a Nike ad? Adidas and co get a small investment. Across millions of people, corporate Nike will think twice about flooding us with endless time-wasting media. When it comes down to it, they respond to share price more than anything else.

*Used, is a different story.

bs0u0155, May 27 2022


       I prefer getting ads for stuff I'm not interested in. It reduces my chances of making sub-optimal purchasing decisions.
Voice, May 27 2022

       Like the idea just for blocking those images. Might have a thing there with a browser plugin. [+]
doctorremulac3, May 27 2022

       I realized I'm already running a disincentivization system for those "Which product have you recently seen advertising for?"   

       They offer a "skip" button for a reason: they want signal not noise. So I don't use that, instead, I actively participate in giving the wrong answer. I do however worry that I'm sometimes giving an answer that's filterable, perhaps the brand I clicked on hasn't advertised at all in a year, my "noise" will be filtered out. But overall, I'm confident I'm doing more harm than good.
bs0u0155, May 31 2022

       They can easily track which users have provided more than x bogus answers and filter out those users. A surprisingly large amount of modern advertising psychology is how to know more about customers than they think you know. i.e. how to manipulate them without creeping them out.
Voice, May 31 2022

       //without creeping them out.//   

       They're failing there.
bs0u0155, May 31 2022

       I really do think much web advertising is a scam on the advertisers. Exhibit A is where are all the repeat ads? If something works, you'll see it forever. Ronald McDonald, Tony the Tiger, Flo and the Geico gekko for insurance companies etc.   

       After writing this I clicked on very popular news site, tens of millions of views a day. It's advertisement at the top was something saying I could save on my lawn watering bill. I don't have to check, it'll be gone very soon, even if I click on it, like, subscribe and buy every product they have, although I'll get twenty to thirty emails an hour for the rest of my life, the ad will be gone because it didn't make enough money to keep funding it.   

       Haven't seen numbers, could be wrong but I think TV ads are still there because people are too lazy to fast forward through them and internet popup ads just piss people off.   

       Be interesting to see the research, but I'm sure that's BS as well. Advertising Age magazine isn't going to come out and say "advertising doesn't work". Now I'm not saying all advertising doesn't work, I'm saying most web advertising is highly oversold in its efficacy.
doctorremulac3, Jun 03 2022

       All the advertisements a person sees can't get more than 100% of the attention that person devotes to looking at advertisements. So in the end a shoe ad could get some of your attention, but only by taking some away from that chocolate ad. It's a zero sum game.
Voice, Jun 03 2022

       //much web advertising is a scam on the advertisers//   

       Possibly. Certainly in some cases. I think we might be in an odd demographic however. I wouldn't know how to convince someone like me to buy something. I already have a mental list of the things I want/need. I'm modifying and updating that all the time. Other people are different.   

       One type of advertising that does work on me is the aliexpress etc. ads that show a row of.. things. I usually know what they are, but every now and then, I see a thing I do not know the function of. I have to click it and find out, I have no discipline in this regard. Usually it's just a WiFi sniffer or some air quality gadget... but I have to find out.
bs0u0155, Jun 03 2022

       There's two types of ads that piss me off 1- "The simple weight loss trick that the diet industry doesn't want you to know about." (not to brag but I'm in good shape and don't need any weight loss products) and 2- "The pictures from the Queen's inaguration that show a bit too much."
doctorremulac3, Jun 03 2022


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