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digital audio "VCR"

Set timer to digitally record radio
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I am an AM radio junkie. Not only AM radio, mind you, but almost any non-music radio. Talk, sports, ambience.

Point is, I'd love a little doohickey like these MP3 players that has a timer I can set to record, e.g. Hugh Hewitt, Phil Hendrie or the Dodgers game. Then, after work, I could listen to it in its entirety.

Features: +30 second skip (Obvious.) Time-compressed playback, so I can save 10-30% on listening time. Should be possible with cheap DSP components. Storage format is not important, mp3 or ogg set to a low bitrate to allow 12 hours storage all in solid state would be nice. Stereo probably not necessary.

bingo foo, May 06 2002

Radio recorder http://www.portable...weekly/aa102801.htm
A three-piece kit. [phoenix, May 07 2002]

Panasonic RR-QR200 digital audio recorder http://www.youreq.c...asonic/rr-qr200.asp
The heart of the system above. [phoenix, May 07 2002]

Some other Panasonic digital audio recorders http://www.youreq.c...gital-recorders.asp
[phoenix, May 07 2002]


       I had posted this idea in my previous existence.
waugsqueke, May 07 2002


       I have one. Psion Wavefinder attaches via USB to computer. Software package "DABBAR" provides recording on demand or by diary/timer. Events can repeat by day of the week, or occur on a date.   

       To exceed the VCR, this arrangement can actually record from many stations simultaneously, in MP2 or MP3.   

       Now if only I could eliminate the underlying dependency on Gatesware...
brainSalad, May 09 2002


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