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to get rid of tea-spoons
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After many coffee's made with forks or knives as measuring devises (for lack of tea-spoons) which is far from an accurate measure and resulting in un-drinkable brews - I think a pre-measured portion of coffee, similar to tea bags, and a pre-measured scoop of sugar would result in an excellent coffee without the use of a tea-spoon, which for some reason disappear without a trace. (probably used for digging in the garden) The only drawback would be the mixing of the ingedients which would need a shaker or lid attached to the cup.
arora, Oct 27 2001

You need coffee cubes http://www.halfbake...idea/Coffee_20Cubes
And individual measures of sugar, in cube and packet form, are widely available in the real world. [pottedstu, Oct 27 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       you have a big garden arora. are the coffee and sugar mixed? can you get coffee on its own for people who don't take sugar?
po, Oct 27 2001

       No, I just had very small children (twins) who given half the chance could dig a tunnel to france. Everything would be supplied separately in one spoon proportions. I thought maybe the cup could have a mixing device, similar to a cake tin?? or I could change the idea to measures of Whisky and Coke depending on the time of day!!
arora, Oct 27 2001

       pottedstu: did it have a mixing device - which is the real bonus of this idea?- something like a blade around the inside of the cup like a cake tin?
arora, Oct 27 2001

       The problem with coffee bags is that they contain a fair amount of instant coffee so as to turn the water brown quickly and give the impression of rapid brewing. Lies I tell you, all lies.
mighty_cheese, Oct 28 2001

       Just use sachets of coffee and sachets of sugar.   

       Simplicity personified.
Mayfly, Oct 29 2001

       I put the proper amount of sugar into the center of the empty coffee pot before turning the brewer on. Somehow as it drips, it mixes. It tastes great and makes for the same cleanup as the normal way.
migennes, May 06 2003


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