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Dirtybits Espresso maker

Pull espresso shot while steaming rectum/vagina
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With Gweneth Paltrow and many others spending time and money to steam clean their dirty bits, I feel there is an opportunity here to class up the process, even when at home.

When using a home based steamer, it is unlikely you will have an assistant available to provide you an enjoyable beverage. You are most likely going to be alone, and thirsty.

I propose a technology merge, a proper temperature dirtybits steam cleaner, which provides a hot, thick, foamy shot of espresso through a separate food grade spigot.

Save power, double up tasks Clean in luxury, drink in luxury... it will be your little secret.

erisian, Jul 09 2017

Guardian Gweneth Article https://www.theguar...agina-is-a-bad-idea
For those who do not dare random google on the topic, here is a safe link to help explain.. focuses on the healt negatives , but i think the love of espresso would offset any health issues associated. [erisian, Jul 09 2017]


       //With Gweneth Paltrow and many others spending time and money to steam clean their dirty bits// say what?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 09 2017

       I'm pretty sure this sort of thing was used by the Marquis de Sade.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 09 2017

       What if your bits are all clean as a whistle?
pocmloc, Jul 10 2017

       So, if someone was using a Cervical contraceptive, would they prefer a cappuccino?
Ling, Jul 10 2017

       Disclaimer: The Halfbakery is not a medical practitioner and is not authorized to provide medical advice. Any injuries, scalds, maiming, unwanted pregnancies, amputations, lobotomies, or deaths resulting from doing something you read about here are your own silly fault.
hippo, Jul 11 2017

       // Gweneth Paltrow stands in for the civet cat ? //   

       More sort of squats, presumably.   

       <Adds idea to long list of "Ideas we wish we'd never looked at, and never, ever intend to read again">
8th of 7, Jul 12 2017

       [erisian] user page indicates posts of one idea in 2003, and another two ideas of this caliber in 2017.   

       Here's to maintaining this level of discourse at that frequency.
normzone, Jul 12 2017

       caliber is at the appropriate level. it takes at least 15 years to come up with gold like this.
erisian, Sep 26 2017

       ... for which we are all truly thankful.
8th of 7, Sep 26 2017


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