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Explosive Coffee

Put CO2 into the coffee as it leave the machine.
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Coffee is good, but it's kind of boring. Thus, people come up with all kinds of fancy "gourmet" coffees and special kinds of coffees and other such crap. I suggest carbonation as the latest absurd fad. The fizziness will bring out the flavor, and be a boon to people with headaches as well. Everyone knows tea and coffee are good for headaches; think of this as the alka-seltzer version. Heck, it might even taste good, who knows? True, this may not really be "explosive" coffee but that sounds better than fizzy coffee and I want people to buy the stuff. Anyway that's not the point, as some idiotic sot will surely purchase the stuff just to try it. (Hey, admit it, you clicked on my idea to see what explosive coffee was. It's the same principle.)
Madcat, Feb 25 2004

Carbonated Coffee http://www.halfbake...d_20Coffee_20(ICED)
Not exactly the same thing, admittedly. See links from here, though. [Monkfish, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       <low whistle> Did you get this idea from carbonated fruit? (And that's not from the HB, there are actually people working on it!)
spacecadet, Feb 25 2004

       The carbonation has nothing to so with the effectiveness of coffee and tea against headaches. Most of that is attributable to the vaso-dilation/constriction effects of caffeine and theobromine, respectively.   

       For me, I think of explosive coffee as that cup o' java that has superheated in the microwave and "explodes" upon the first sip when the surface tension has been disrupted.
bristolz, Feb 25 2004

       A friend decided to try carbonated tea by putting it in a soda-stream machine, from what I remember it wasn't that good.
silverstormer, Feb 26 2004

       Hey, [silverstormer] - I baked this as a kid with a SodaStream as well - it was foul. Now, I wonder how it would work with Bovril...
saker, Feb 26 2004

       MmmMMMmmm, fizzy gravy.
mecotterill, Apr 29 2008

       CO2 doesn't work well with hot water, only cold.
FlyingToaster, Apr 30 2008


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