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do it all by yourself

Do It All By Yourself
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Most people are incompetent asses and want to push it when they should pull it or give you some backward advice about the way it should be done based on something they saw and misremembered from HGTV two years ago.

So I propose a web site that gives specific instructions and tips for people who like to work alone. What's the best procedure for laying out corners on a soccer field by yourself? How do you put up a 19 foot window casing without a helper? Lifting Sheetrock, moving refrigerators, avoiding lonliness, locating circuits, all with the solitary worker in mind.

nomocrow, Jan 19 2014

DIABY http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abou_Diaby
[calum, Jan 19 2014]

Instructions https://www.fiction...5027/1/Instructions
I wrote a story about exactly this premise. [bungston, Jan 19 2014]

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       As somebody who routinely scoffs at product directions that indicate that a second person is required for assembly or installation, I wholeheartedly approve of this idea.
ytk, Jan 19 2014

       Proud member of the anti-social networking alliance. [+]
swimswim, Jan 19 2014

       //Most people are incompetent asses//   

       [marked for tag line]
doctorremulac3, Jan 19 2014

       There are a great number of websites that provide clear, no-nonsense, and most importantly free advice on innumerable subjects, but they are hard to find amongst the forum idiots, sales pitches, and other web bullshit. I wholeheartedly agree that they should be unified into one easy-access database. I think the first step is to form a webring.   

       A little while ago I got so frustrated searching for help with an electrical issue on a project that I violated protocol and posted a plea for help here at the HB (my thanks to all who helped me, the on-delay works perfectly). Only after some 'bakers set me on the right track did I even know the proper search terms (like 'octal base') to locate the resoures I needed.
Alterother, Jan 19 2014

       Don't ya hate that?   

       When you don't know what you don't know, so you can't know how to find out 'how' to know...
...I hate it when that happens.

       It happens 'a lot'.   

       // //Most people are incompetent asses//   

       [marked for tag line]// [marked for moment of clarity]
shapu, Jan 19 2014

       Yeah...I'm the guy who goes into NAPA with a chunk of mangled steel and says "I dunno what this thing was, but it's broken and I need a new one."
Alterother, Jan 19 2014

       Bun! Every tutorial should be screened to make sure it provides a picture and description of every step, (so you don't get halfway through then realize that there are no instructions on how to remove that thing) and videos where necessary. Each tutorial should begin with a list of the _minimum_ tools and equipment that you need, and what can be substituted if you're missing one.
DIYMatt, Jan 19 2014

       [+] Even simple stuff like the old boombox circuit trick could go here, or roof repair instructions with all the tools listed at the beginning so you don't ahve to keep going down a ladder to fetch more.
gisho, Jan 20 2014

       I once found a website like this - troubleshoot and fix. The fix instructions had links to the small interior parts needed, which you could buy thru the site. I fixed a VHS this way. I felt like I had conquered a dragon.
bungston, Jan 20 2014

       When I was thinking about going to med school, A candystriper friend got me in to watch a surgery to resect a bowel. It was interesting. It wasn't really all that complicated; there are actually step-by-step guides. The doctor sewed the bowel up like you would weld up a big pipe - bottom, inside bottom, inside top, outside top. Blood squirted just like in the movies until they clamped it or cauterize it.   

       I decided then and there I would never have the balls to do anything remotely like that.
nomocrow, Jan 21 2014

       @ [bungston] Great story btw.
nomocrow, Jan 22 2014


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