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dontGetIt ReRemark & you2bmaker

A few web ideas bunched together
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DontGetIt.com - point to comments, blog posts, entries, usernames or any text, and ask the community if there was any deeper meaning, or what the context is about. You can finally stop smiling stupidly, pretending to laugh with the public, and understand the fine print on wine labels. Help others get over their misunderstandings and find out how many people like you really don't know what's going on.


ReRemark.com - Point at any article on the web, take a snapshot if its not showing correctly in the box, and start a discussion. Good for all those things you see that "cannot be discussed". Its not just a forum with a link, but rather actually shows the article or video itself on the top of the page. Available voted attributes to annotations: +/-, Agrees with article/Disagrees, Answer/Wrong, Offensive

Will get interesting when reRemarking ReRemark reRemarks.


You2bmaker - or youtubeMaker - Community helps build great youtube vids, according to your script.

options: free-text script entry, or: auto script maker includes: Sceens, Backgrounds, Actors, Conversation, Sounds. You can automatically generate a youtube that has the texts and actors as described. (its just a text presentation.) The site has place for community members to "plug in to sections" of the script and you can see the embedded bookmarks which open to a full youtube vid.

The scripts are in categories - and like HB there's a recently entered script, and votes on each script. Maybe it should be called: YouTubAkery...

pashute, Jul 10 2013


       What, like pet symmetry?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 10 2013

       What! No internet? I might have to speak to people...
not_morrison_rm, Jul 11 2013


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