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Chavs Reunited

"I was wearing the tracky and burb cap"
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I would like to launch this website in five to six years from now before someone else jumps on the bandwagon, then launch an album.

The site could contain all the favourite haunts and discolaria, with the fee option to find all your old Bicardi Breezer Brigade chums from way back.

Slay me.

skinflaps, Feb 10 2005

Chavs http://www.chavscum.co.uk/
[hippo, Feb 10 2005]

He's bloomin right ya know (Ub) that is. http://www.barriste...Jan15/Hyperdome.JPG
[skinflaps, Feb 10 2005]

Try this one. Requires Macromedia Flash. http://youthofbritain.com/guvnor/
The guitarist wears the hat too! [gnomethang, Feb 10 2005]

About the End of Time http://www.sixtiesc...om/Media/med003.jpg
Some of us were watching with interest. [reensure, Feb 11 2005]


       [UB] see link.
[skinflaps] Better grab that domain now
hippo, Feb 10 2005

       Yeah a bit Anglo-centric this one <Skinflaps>. Chavs (or Neds in Scotland, Spides in Belfast) are working class lads (although there are chavettes) who wear tacky clothing and behave in a generally anti- social way.
etherman, Feb 10 2005

       I dunno etherman, there's a link on that site for international chavs.There's money in this, I bet a solid gold sovereign ring on it.
skinflaps, Feb 10 2005

       Youth of Britain are pretty well the epitome of Chavdom right now. Link to 'The Guvnor' provided. Website is youthofbritain.com. You gotta love Joel Veitch!
gnomethang, Feb 10 2005

       Oh. So this would be like a "Breakdancers Reunion", bringing together people who used to do a thing at one point in time.
contracts, Feb 10 2005

       When I was researching the invention "LED Press-on Nails," I stumbled upon this same term, "Chav," which was completely new to me. It seems that chavettes make up a large proportion of the world wide market in nail jewelry.   

       The chavscum site wasn't much help in getting a handle on the meaning, since the chavscum site assumes you already know a "Chav" by sight.
robinism, Feb 11 2005

       Me thinks, me skinny buddy, hath been drinking too much, at times. But I have no idea what you are referring to, so I'll be quiet.
blissmiss, Feb 11 2005

       [etherman] I think it would be unfair to say that all chavs are working class, just look at how Prince William behaves, and our woderous leader Mr Blair (May the sun forever shine out of his arse)wears Burberry
rambling_sid, Feb 12 2005

       It will also be interesting to see which costume he decides to don at the wedding...shit I think I'll just delete this in thirty secomonyears.
skinflaps, Feb 12 2005

       //Chavs (or Neds in Scotland, Spides in Belfast) are working class lads (although there are chavettes) who wear tacky clothing and behave in a generally anti- social way.//   

       Oh, you mean Dems.
thumbwax, Feb 12 2005

       yes but <rambling_sid> was he wearing burberry with a tracksuit and a couple of dozen gold body ornaments whilst reading the Sunday Sport and entertaining all his chav mates by playing them his latest 'funny' ringtone?
etherman, Feb 14 2005

wagster, Feb 14 2005


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