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A process of elimination.
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How old am I really?...

Have I lived as long as my birth certificate seems to indicate?

This comprehensive website would allow users to input either a rough or detailed account of hours in ones 'actual' life lost to things such as;
One third of living lost to unconsciousness.
Depending on age, one fifth of living lost to earning enough to survive.
Injury recovery down-time.
Time lost waiting for red-lights.
ATM [please wait] time-outs.

Not a call for a list. I wouldn't do that.
I'm like, only twelve...ish.


       So... you think that it's a bad idea to contemplate time squandered?
This would just be an on-line calculator for mathically challenged folks to figure out just how much of that down-time is quality time over quantity time. How much is actually your own?
How much of your life have you 'really' been living?

       It's an exercise in futility I know... but an interesting one I thought.   

       I bet the site would get hits...   

       Why, it could change lives...<nudge-nudge>, c'mon, y'know y'wanna bun this...
You look me in the eye and tell me you don't like the idea on some level.

       This deserves a bun. Every modern country tracks lifespan, but it's much harder to find information for quality of lifespan.
4and20, May 13 2013

       [+] Yes, I would like to know how much time gets wasted from my bad diabetes days! Illness cuts into the quality of life and the quantity, too!
xandram, May 14 2013

       I love this. People like to brag about how much longer we live than pre-agricultural societies. But I wonder what it might look like if you subtract all of the time we lose.   

       For one, they worked less than we do (and they still do, where we have not run them out on a rail.) They did not have to spend as much time isolated in a car.
fishboner, May 16 2013


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