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Disguise chess

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In this version of chess, utilising Matryoshka (Russian nesting dolls) technology, you can disguise your King as any other piece. E.g. if your King is disguised as a pawn, it wil take on the appearance and behaviour of a pawn.
hippo, Nov 02 2011

Similar concept Usurp_20Chess
Not disguised, but another piece can become the King by hideously murdering him in a desperate feat of treachery. [theleopard, Nov 02 2011]

Wikipedia: Stratego http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stratego
[zen_tom, Nov 02 2011]

Wkipedia: Luzhanqi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luzhanqi
Possible Chinese precursor to Stratego [zen_tom, Nov 02 2011]

Chaos, a checkerslike boardgame http://boardgamegee...oardgame/5077/chaos
Really dull in that no apparent strategy is involved due to nobody knowing whose piece is whose. [RayfordSteele, Nov 02 2011]


       Have you ever played 'Stratego'? A childhood classic that works on a similar principle. Each team fields a number of pieces, ranked 1-9. A lower numbered rank beats a higher number in the event of one piece 'attacking' another. The actual rank of the pieces is only revealed to the other player during an 'attack' - at which point both pieces reveal their rank, the losing piece is removed, and the winner gets to remain on the field of battle. Should two pieces of the same rank be embroiled in such an event, the attacking piece wins. Some of the pieces are bombs.   

       The plastic pieces were built so that they only showed their 'face' to the player who owned them - but a Matryoshka version would be cool.
zen_tom, Nov 02 2011


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