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Despot Chess

Hitler takes Manson - check!
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Despot Chess consists of a custom set of figures, modelled on your choice of famous despots from a comprehensive list.

The main focus is on contemporary despots, such as Idi Amin, Stalin, Trump, Mussolini, Hitler (of course) but the range has been extended to include other figures of notoriety, like Charles Manson, and the Kray Twins. (perfect as Bishops)

The game itself is played with the exact same set of rules, as there is enough variety obtainable in advancing, for example, the brainless Trump pieces (as scowling low value pawns) to act as cannon fodder towards Putin (as the all powerful White Queen)

No two sets are alike, as from a library of 32 pieces, an almost infinite variety of game set permuations is possible. Rapid 3D printing technology makes the project viable without being cost prohibitive.

Look forward to Stalin cornering Capone, with support from two Gaddafi Rooks, as a line of Goebbel Pawns blocks his escape.

xenzag, Jan 03 2021


       Are you going for the DSHWMH high score?
hippo, Jan 03 2021

       That depends on your definition of "High" in this context.   

       Do you mean "most mentions of Adolf in posted ideas", or "shortest interval between mentions of Adolf" (which given the timestamping issues as discussed at length elsewhere can never be less than 1 day), or some other metric ?   

       As to the idea itself, [+]. It could also be used for serial killer chess sets.   

       Maybe you could make a chess set where all the black pieces look like versions of George Floyd, and all the white ones look like police officers ...
8th of 7, Jan 03 2021

       [8th of 7]; that sounds more like Fox & Geese (which I thought was played on a chess board, but is actually on a Solitaire board) but the geese chase the fox.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 03 2021

       You lost me at "Trump"
Voice, Jan 03 2021

       That's OK, even if you seem to have lost, you can always try the Supreme Court, or claim fraud, or get your supporters to riot ..   

       ... or indeed all of the above. Just as long as you're not a sore* loser.   

       *You can get ointment for that now.
8th of 7, Jan 03 2021

       I didn't say I think he won. But he's not and never was the devil. I thought the election would see an end to the griping about him, but now I perceive we'll be hearing about Trump for the next 4 to 8 years as everything Biden/Harris fails at is blamed on him. I don't even like Trump. But I was really, really hoping for end to the biased drivel.
Voice, Jan 03 2021

       // I was really, really hoping for end to the biased drivel. //   

       Maybe you should try to rein in your aspirations a little, and just hope for something more attainable, like World Peace, or an end to hunger, or a reactionless FTL spacedrive ...
8th of 7, Jan 03 2021

       Place a spaceship above earth, stationary relative to, and it will move without any reaction mass.
Voice, Jan 03 2021

       Voice, maybe you can arrange it so we can quit hearing From him?
RayfordSteele, Jan 04 2021


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