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Bath Foot Scrubbers

Not midget women of ill repute from Bath
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Intro: I'm a bit too tall for my bath, so I rest my feet on the end bit. I would find it much more pleasurable and constructive to have something like sanding disks working their magic on my heels whilst I lay there.

Idea: Two sanding disks, which are positioned and secured in the vicinity of the feet, when one is in the bath. Their rotation and positioning would be accomplished by an axle/bracket/motor arrangement as yet to be considered. One would rest one's heels on them.

Outro: For the disks, different grades of roughness can be selected. It will be adjustable to suit everyone. We will all have heels of velvet.

jtp, Apr 23 2008

(?) similar, but I like your sanding discs! + http://www.patentst...00-description.html
[xandram, Apr 24 2008]

Suction cup loofah Suction_20cup_20loofah
But not sandpaper, sorry. [phoenix, Apr 24 2008]


       Brilliant. Just so long as they're not powered by vertical rotating engines.
james_what, Apr 23 2008

       Yes, partic the homebaked version of this that I am imagining.
calum, Apr 24 2008

       The feet on my bath get scrubbed by my cleaning lady, or Mrs Copro, as I like to call her.
coprocephalous, Apr 24 2008

       For the shower, a rotating horizontal axle, which mounts scrubbing and polishing wheels ranging from "loofah" to "bench grinder", taking care of everything from a gentle rub to full corn and callus removal. (obvious note to self: search before writing a new idea).
FlyingToaster, Sep 24 2016

       Wouldn't you cable the rotation in? like a dremel flex shaft.
wjt, Sep 26 2016


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