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callousing cream

be barefoot with ease!
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Before you go to bed rub Susan's Quik Callusing CreamTM on your feet. The more you put on the thicker the callouses will be. By triggering thick hard skin to grow calluosing cream lets your feet develop rugged natural calluses without walking around tender footed for days.

If you don't use the cream and start wearing shoes again for a week or so they go away.

Great for those days when you know you'll want to run barefooted through the woods tomorrow.

futurebird, Jul 10 2001

Baked. http://www.the-ball..._your_toes-feet.htm
'Tender feet can be toughened by regular applications of tincture of benzoin and papered by systematic use of talcum powder rubbed around the toes.' [idyll, Oct 04 2004]

Baked for pets too. http://www.petsdoc..../scalhuskyskin.html
Painting Husky puppy toes! [idyll, Oct 04 2004]


       good product for those who live out west ... but for those on the east it might help those with large chips on the shoulder... hasten healing process? or just create bigger heals?
sunnier16, Jul 10 2001

       I hear some guitarists use superglue.
jutta, Jul 11 2001

       Could have used some of this a week ago; I don't go paddling enough anymore to callous my hands. Good one!
Dog Ed, Jul 11 2001

       What would it do to penises? The mind wanders . . .
bristolz, Jul 11 2001

       For you, waugs:
"So you see, doc, there was this great lesbian scene on Showtime. I reached over to grab the lotion, and..."
AfroAssault, Jul 11 2001

       Jeez, this reminds me of the guys at work. Discussions quickly sink to the lowest possible level... ; ) furturebird, I like the idea *without* any lewd undertones.
Dog Ed, Jul 11 2001

       can I apply this all over ... like Ben gay.... say after I breakup w. someone or if I get dumped?? will this help me hasten the "character building" stage?
don cornelius, Jul 13 2001

       OK, so I've been using Compound W (salicylic acid in alcohol base) on my feet to remove some annoying warts and I realized that it was causing little callouses to form where I brushed it and I was thinking to myself just this morning that someone could cover their foot with it to get just this desired effect but that the idea is really too stupid to mention or talk about in polite company. God I love halfbakery.   

       BTW: it dries to fast to make good lube.
Rant93, Jul 13 2001

       No no. I only refer to other folks mentioning the dangers of callousing the special bits. Not an easy mistake to make with this stuff. Unless you're pretty messed up.
Rant93, Jul 13 2001

       I trust you don't often confuse feet with genitals [UnaBubba]? Actually, I think it was [bristolz] who made the original connection. Well, I for one eagerly await his field report.
Rant93, Jul 13 2001

       He's a she. Does that make it better or worse?
BTW, I suspect that your callouses are merely the remains of the warts. (Compound W - good stuff, but the name makes me think of Prisoner - Cell Block H.)
angel, Jul 13 2001

       //I hear some guitarists use superglue//
Actually, that's a Callous substitute - provides a barrier to soft skin until Clavi have time to form. Clavi form more rapidly without superglue, though.
RE: Clavi - why the heck is Clavi the plural of Callous? And what's the deal with Corns, I mean **come on** - couldn't they have come up with a better name than Corns?
thumbwax, Nov 12 2002

       I just got this email:   



       Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 16:58:00 -0400   

       From: mike hooker <mhooker@optonline.net>   

       Subject: callous creme   

       To: susan@futurebird.com   

       hi, i was searching the web on callouses, and came across something about susans quik callous cream. i'm trying like hell to develop fingertip callouses for guitar, and for some reason, they stay tender and sore. can you tell me anything about callous building cream? what is it? how do it get some?   


       Mike Hooker
futurebird, Jun 01 2003

       I just noticed, ikio has an idea for a magic pill that makes semen smell bad and gets immediately MFD'd, where as this idea is for a magic cream that gives you callouses gets +8 votes.   

       Does anyone else detect a wee bitty of double standards.   

       Well i am giving a stinky bone till this is sorted.
MikeOliver, Jun 01 2003

       No, regardless of the idea itself, they both rely on a similar principle (a cream/pill to achieve an effect, with no explaination as to how this may be achieved). The MFD on ikio's idea was for being a magic pill, not for being disgusting. The disgustingness of the idea was reflected in the negative voting, and this i have no problem with.   

       As far as i am aware, MFD is for breaking the rules, as both ideas did equally.
MikeOliver, Jun 01 2003

       Strangely enuff, camels are 'born' with ready made callouses on their knees!
briandamage, Jun 01 2003

       Mike, A) Internal and External effects are worlds apart in the 'bakery - if it affects Internal in a manner that's fishy, there's something fishy going on. If it affects External in a fun(ny), useful, original way, it's bunned. Tails For All is fun(ny).
B) The likelihood of a horny kid enthusiastically repacing funky spunk with skunky spunk is nil.
C) Callouses have benefits, but sometimes folks are softies and could use some hardening.
thumbwax, Jun 02 2003

       Look, i'll say it again... My problem is not with the ideas, i'll agree that the abstinence pill is a crap idea, whilst the callous cream would have some uses.   

       The problem i have is that neither suggest a way of acheiving the result, and are therefore both equally worthy of an MFD.   

       The only reason i can see for such a discrepancy is that ikio has put up one idea (therefore relatively new) whereas FutureBird has been a regular and popular contributor.
MikeOliver, Jun 02 2003

       That favoritism logic doesn't fly. futurebird had been here 5 months when the idea was posted. From the beginning, just as now, futurebird would swoop in to the 'bakery nest for a few minutes, drop off some worms and disappear for weeks at a time. At this time, there's several new 'bakers (lostdog, for example) who have had one idea after another accumulate buns. The most active ingredient in bun or bone creation is the spirit in which an idea is posted, not the active ingredients which the idea possesses.
thumbwax, Jun 02 2003

       I am not saying that popularity is always the overiding factor, but it does seem as little strange that new ideas get slated alot more than regular contributors.   

       Or at least one person (mentioning no names) has a problem with the newer members.   

       Five months is plenty long enough to make a favorable (or otherwise impression).   

       Possible that my annos are misplaced, as i have mentioned, the problem is more concerning ikio's mfd than this idea... It is just that this seemed to highlight my point.
MikeOliver, Jun 02 2003

       Then leave the disagreement in ikio's idea. Nobody wants to have an argument at another table spoil their dinner. Hell, I got 'boned on my first five ideas, and it was suggested I remove the ideas for half|'baked reasons, so I did. This was before the [m-f-d] tag came into being. Remember, //Ideas are best if they're possible, or impossible in interesting ways.//
thumbwax, Jun 02 2003

       I'm surprised no-one's mentioned surgical spirit. I've just started guitar and I have callouses already thanks to the stuff. Now if I could only stop picking them off round the edges...
sild, Jun 02 2003

       When I walk into builders' merchants, they can tell from my lilly whites that I'm no contractor. If I rub this stuff all over my hands, I'll look really tough, like a professional builder.   

       Either that, or a sexually fustrated office worker.
FloridaManatee, Jun 02 2003

       i get frustrated, because even tho i play guitar every day, i still don't have really good callouses. i like this idea. and i refuse to take part in the whole favoritism discussion.
igirl, Jun 02 2003

       You need thicker strings - a set with at least .012 gauge on the high E instead of the wussy .010 you see on most guitars - it'll give you better tone, too. One guy who doesn't get callouses is Brian May - he uses the wussiest set of strings of all: .008 / .009 / .011 / .016 / .022 / .034.
A .016 on the D (4th thickest) string? I've used a .016 on the thinnest string - tuned an octave higher while in open G tuning.
thumbwax, Jun 03 2003

       [thumbwax] - thanks for that tidbit of goss on Brian May. I've always suspected that he was a bit of a jessie.
sild, Jun 03 2003

       thanks bunches, [thumb]. you rock!
igirl, Jun 03 2003


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