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egg cooking carton

hard cooked eggs right from the package
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Inspired by linked.

This egg carton would have top and bottom heating elements surrounding each egg to completely and evenly cook it to a level set by a dial on the top. The eggs could be removed raw or cooked in-carton, even on a timer. For example one could set it to cook two eggs every morning to a 3 minute level at 8:00.

Also available as a refrigerator attachment, ejecting the eggs through the door and onto a holding tray.

Heating coil detachable and dishwasher safe for the case of the occasional cracked egg.

Voice, Apr 01 2011

Hard broiled eggs Hard_20broiled_20egg
[Voice, Apr 01 2011]

I used to have one of these in Germany, very popular http://www.amazon.c...d=1301700393&sr=8-1
Similar other than the packaged concept [The_Saint, Apr 01 2011]


       //cooked in-carton// Just doesn't sound French enough. How about "en carton."
mouseposture, Apr 01 2011


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