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geek scouts

forget boyscouts... that was so yesterday.
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GEEK SCOUTING!!! I'm sure that there are many organizations, groups, classes and clubs concerning geekdom and the stuff they learn... but nothing as unified as boyscouting..

Boyscouts: it is cool, yeah... i was in it.. but it is so outdated concerning, you know, things that matter nowadays.. . like computer skills and technical stuff..

Idea: start Geek Scouts.. ok, it doesn't have to be named "geek scouts",, but it should focus on geeky stuff... like putting together computers and OS's and programming in the many different languages... and hacking... ...ethically.

I'm sure the american economy would appreciate it.. if teenagers were able to get programming jobs like they would get a McDonalds job..

Or we could all just rely on our public educational system and get very stupider.


twitch, Jul 05 2006

(Formerly?) Baked: BSA "Exploring Program" http://en.wikipedia...couts_of_America%29
In the 1960s, the Boy Scouts of America "Exploring Program" included "Explorer Posts" hosted by companies with major computing complexes to encourage youths to pursue a career in computers. [land, Jul 06 2006, last modified Jul 10 2006]

Geeks in Nature http://techref.mass...ther/robogarden.htm
So the geeks still get some connection to Mother. [James Newton, Jul 06 2006]

Staged Activity Badges: Information Technology http://www.scoutbas...adges/staged-it.htm
A Geek badge for those aged 6-25 [[ sctld ], Jul 09 2006]

In the Oven: SAS LabRATS http://www.sas.org/labrats/
Society for Amateur Scientists is /trying/ to bake this now. Give Generously :-). [land, Jul 10 2006]

Homosexuality vs Child Molestation http://psychology.u...ts_molestation.html
[jutta, Jul 11 2006]

Geek Scout Merit badge http://archives.cnn...03/geek.scouts.idg/
[xandram, Jul 12 2006]


       They could learn how to untie knotted and tangled computer leads. A somewhat puny idea [twitch], but nevertheless deserving of a modest half bun +
xenzag, Jul 05 2006

       Affirming and mobilising geeks - good [+]. I do have some misgivings about the uniforms though. Would anyone like to sketch something suitable?
pertinax, Jul 06 2006

       For the uniforms I'm imagining t-shirts with the Geek Scouts logo, photographer's vests, ratty jeans, and hiking boots.   

       In case a mountain should suddenly spring up in the server room.   

gisho, Jul 06 2006

       i like it, but hope that the whole religious aspect will be left to the boyscouts. i admit that i was a cub scout, and even a boy scout for a couple years, but the whole righteous thing kind of bugged me.
tcarson, Jul 06 2006

       I'm with tcarson -- the geek scouts (w|sh) ould leave religion out of it. Maybe the geek scouts could push back against (boy) scouting's insane homophobia.   

       As for uniforms, I think grubby jeans and logo t-shirts from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and the like should serve nicely. Anyway, that's what I see every day on the grown-up geek scouts in my office.
land, Jul 06 2006

       Leaving out religion is okay but please teach them some ethics - you don't want to school a fleet of wannabe script kiddies, spammers and crackers.   

       You get my bun if it also includes English spelling lessons. Maybe we could even e><t3rm1n4t3 1337-speak!!!1!
Forthur, Jul 06 2006

       I love this idea, one of the best I've seen here.   

       One thing I would like to suggest: Include some items of biotech or agritech. The kids need to have a little connection to mother nature and there are a lot of areas where some respect for the environment, nature, and the limits of man made technology are missing from current geekdom.
James Newton, Jul 06 2006

       Mad Scientists' Club?   

       My boyscout can beat up your geekscout...
RayfordSteele, Jul 06 2006

       You could make them a wiccan organization...   

       except that geeks spend so much time indoors they might not understand the concept of a nature goddess.   

       I can't wait to get my D20 merit badge... and my Star Trek the Wrath of Khan merit badge... and my comic book collector merit badge... and my glasses taping merit badge.   

       Hmm, how to include nature... Maybe you could have a house plant merit badge, and a find the sun merit badge... OK, now I'm just being a jerk.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 07 2006

       merit badges awarded for successfully running logical circles around jocks who attempt to state their reason for bullying.
tcarson, Jul 07 2006

       I suppose when i worded this "geek scouts", it carried a less serious tone with it. I was leaning more towards what {James Newton} had mentioned, about studying a serious side of geekdom.. let's not say geekdom, let's say, science scouts, probably more appropriate. More concerning things such as green technologies awareness, protecting the environment, and of course, ethics. They would be the hackers and fiddlers of many of the general sciences.   

       Ethics is a little shady... because many ethical guidelines are based on religious morals.
twitch, Jul 07 2006

       Requirement: merit badge for personal hygiene.
land, Jul 09 2006

       I can see the religious wars between the Mac Geek Scouts and the Windows Geek Scouts. The Linux Geek Scouls would be broken into too many factions.   

       Oh, and I remember getting a Computing Merit badge when I was in the Junior Infantry. One of the few I got, most of them involved too much social interaction.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 09 2006

       [UnaBuba] The available crime statistics show no correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia. Implying that connection might inspire the less informed and more violent members of our "society" and lead to more gay beatings or even deaths. I would hate for my lesbian daughter or any of my gay friends to be further injured by that little bit of misinformation.   

       Please do go check for yourself. Gays are no more likely to be pedophiles than us breeders.   

       Any anyway, although I am 99% married breeder, I am also 1%, totally, flaming, GAY! I find about 1 man (man, not boy) out of 100 attractive. And I might get involved with Boy Scouts or Geek Scouts someday...   

       Anyone nervous about that?
James Newton, Jul 11 2006

       I'd be nervous if I knew a halfbaker is teaching my son survival craft. Why, next thing you know the cat is endlessly spinning in mid-air and Council is calling to make sure everything is ok.   

       Seriously though, I think you need to re-read [UB]'s annotation. He is not implying that homosexuality is related to paedophilia, merely that paedophiles seem to be attracted to the boy scouts (and I would hazard to guess that a not-so-deep analysis would tell you that this is true - paedophiles would target boy scouts because they get to spend lots of unsupervised time with impressionable boys).
methinksnot, Jul 11 2006

       I certainly hope that is true, but why mention homosexuals?
James Newton, Jul 11 2006

       Not homosexuals: homophobia born out of prejudices engendered by the behaviour of a group of deviants that also happen to be homosexual. And I suspect the remark was just brought by the fact that we were discussing the boy scouts.
methinksnot, Jul 11 2006

       We've been using "homosexual" as a shorthand for "male-on-male", but that's inviting confusion with "homosexual" in the sense of an adult sexual orientation. Specifically, it's an error to think that a male pedophile who's molested boys is also by default interested in men when choosing adult partners - just like mature homo- and heterosexual males have been equally disinterested in children of either sex. (See link for details.)   

       To avoid any incidence of pedophilia, the geek scouts should be led exclusively by robots.
jutta, Jul 11 2006

       //You could make them a wiccan organization//   

       Hmm. Sky-clad geeks? I hope not.
pertinax, Jul 11 2006

       I might post "Gay Scouts". That would start a few arguments.
wagster, Jul 11 2006

       i like [jutta]'s idea of leadership by robots. maybe we can utilize that in other forms for countries as well.
tcarson, Jul 11 2006

       Hey we tried to elect a robot in 2000. He got the most votes and everything.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 11 2006

       //I might post "Gay Scouts". That would start a few arguments.//   

       Possibly. Look up the origin of the meaning of the word "camp" when used to describe a homosexual.
webfishrune, Jul 12 2006

       //“Camp” is derived from the French slang term camper, which means “to pose in an exaggerated fashion.” // - ?
wagster, Jul 12 2006


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