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engine pings/flight plans database

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I'm sure someone has already suggested it...

But a global database of today's flight plans hooked into the data from whoever it is that gets the engine pings would show up radical flight path deviation in a hurry, wouldn't it?

not_morrison_rm, Mar 28 2014


       The engine pings that occur once per hour and don't contain GPS location data? No probably not.
DIYMatt, Mar 28 2014

       Agreed they don't contain GPS info, but the satellite that receives the pings gives some idea of where it was, and I think there is an analysable amount of doppler shift in the signals...   

       I'm not going for pinpoint accuracy, just some system that picks up radical course deviations....which then goes "gling, gling, gling" in a bunker somewhere in Switzerland, then the attendant takes the newspaper off his (or her) face and gets on the blower....
not_morrison_rm, Mar 29 2014


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