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exloc subway train

a subway train that is both express and local
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Got the idea when studying DNA replication. instead of stopping, the left side of the train would be for people staying on, the right side for those exiting. the trains would have bilateral symmetry be joined with electrolocks in the middle with a third rail (actually fourth third carries the juice) dead center. the train would come apart just before stations. passengers would enter the right hemitrain at the station and there would be a merging rail where the trains are "conjugated". that is a waiting loaded train hooked up as the train departs and the old right hemitrain is unloaded.

This would be expensive and complicated to retrofit to an existing system, BUT would have multiple uses. say you want to go to Queens while your friend goes to party in da Boogeydown (Bronx) you both start out on the same train in Grenwich Village. . HE stays on the left hemitrain, you exit the last Manhattan station on the right hemitrain and get off in Kew Gardens, while he gets off at Yankee Stadium.

DANG, I should patent this instead of blabbing.

drpoundsign, Feb 23 2004


       I thought about this idea while using my zipper.   

       Seems unnecesarily complicated :)
theircompetitor, Feb 23 2004

       // waiting loaded train hooked up as the train departs //   

       Wait... so the train still stops at all the stations; so how is that an express train? Contrariwise, are you intending to accelerate the waiting people from 0 to 40 mph instantaneously? That would kill them dang it!
phundug, Feb 23 2004

       really..........i don't see the point. ya wanna ride with your freind? there'll be a solid wall between you guys.
politiquefiction, May 10 2004

       What about if a mother with a pram/some really fat person/someone with a large suitcase wanted to get on. Would it be wide enough? Or would it chop them in half?
Cats Whiskers, Aug 15 2004


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