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Chirrup Ticket

Bonus points for the first use of the word "chirrup" on the bakery?
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In London, when you scan your Oyster card at the station turnstile the machine makes a high-pitched "bip bip" noise.

At Leicester Square this morning during rush hour, the cacophony of beeps reminded me of a field full of crickets, like the ones I remember from hot, continental holidays.

Changing the noise to a chirrup would make it sound more peaceful, subdue the stress of rush hour and inevitably reduce knife crime.

theleopard, Sep 26 2008


       a pigeon's coo is rather nice   

       couldn't we choose our own bird song?
po, Sep 26 2008

       I used Cheroot in an idea title- does that count?
xenzag, Sep 26 2008

       The sound of a tennis racket hitting a tennis ball.
phoenix, Sep 26 2008

       Po, what about a pigeon's coo when the oyster's got no cash on it?   


       Hmmm. Out of context, that question would appear quite peculiar...
theleopard, Sep 26 2008

       //Bonus points for the first use of the word "chirrup" on the bakery?// - yes but there's a Dark Side too. "Apparently", once every word there is has been used at least once on the Halfbakery, it'll self-destruct. Jeroboam.
hippo, Sep 26 2008

       in that case we should vote for a word that is banished for ever.
po, Sep 26 2008

       //when the oyster's got no cash on it//
Well then of course, you'd use the oyster-catcher's "caw"
coprocephalous, Sep 26 2008

       //in that case we should vote for a word that is banished for ever//   

       How do we tell everyone what the word is if we can't write it down? How will we mention it to new folk who come along and precariously write about a related subject, skirting dangerously around the ominous word with every fleeting disastrous sentence?   

       No one say "labialise"!
theleopard, Sep 26 2008

       //How do we tell everyone what the word is if we can't write it down?// I knew some bright spark would ask that - hieroglyphs of course.
po, Sep 26 2008

       I'm having disturbing flashbacks to the episode of Futurama in which Bender is fitted with a bomb that detonates when he uses the word 'ass'.
sambwiches, Sep 26 2008

       I think a "pip" would be best
Voice, Sep 26 2008

       For a small charge, let customers select and store their own brief sound effects on their ticket.
jutta, Sep 26 2008

       // How do we tell everyone what the word is if we can't write it down ? //   

       Is it by any any chance the word that the Knights that say "NI!" cannot hear ?
8th of 7, Sep 26 2008

       no - another word
po, Sep 26 2008

       How about the "satisfied sigh" the door makes in HHGTTG?
phoenix, Sep 27 2008

       Personalising each card's sound effect would be fun, but with an infinite range of sounds all played in unison as the rush hour hordes plough through the barriers, the net effect will be to make the whole experience even more painful than it already is.   

       It needs to be sounds that work well together, like crickets or different types of bird song.
theleopard, Sep 28 2008

       theleopard, I find it deplorable that a habitually undisruptive individual such as yourself would malevolently endeavor to create the concluding stages of the era of the halfbakery with such gratuitous, superfluous use of extraordinary verbiage. Shame on you.
Voice, Sep 29 2008

       The sounds of cattle, though more appropriate, would however do little to inspirit the commuters.   

       (Damn! There goes another one... "inspirit" that is.)
theleopard, Sep 29 2008

       Or for the complete opposite effect, (unique to each turnstile of course) dalek-voices shouting "Exterminate!!!"
monojohnny, Sep 29 2008

       Snarfing Oysters is nearing completion with Adi Shamir's cube attack (Crypto2008). Just about all LFSR's are under attack, most vunerable are the "proprietory" (non-peer-reviewed) encryption methods of the transport lines. Several of these are already laid bare. Bus and building access, mobile "talk-time" vouchers. Perhaps those chirping crickets are the crytographers' response?
4whom, Sep 29 2008

       I checked, and this is the third outing for the words unctuous, quadrille and tabbard on the 'bakery.   

       frangipane appears once before now (this being the second occasion) - as a user who never said anything.   

       sillywillywoowoo, however - has never appeared within these lofty spaces before now.   

zen_tom, Oct 06 2008

       Indeed, even incunabular ideas don't include the word "metrorrhagia".   

       But that's probably a good thing.
theleopard, Oct 07 2008


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