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Danger! High Voltage!

When we touch, when we kiss...
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The High Voltage Dance System is set of wires and electrodes that fit at key points over certain muscles in the body, hooked up to a central computer and battery.

Simply download a song onto your home computer, use the software provided with the package to choreograph a dance to go along with the song, and then downlaod that into your HVDS. Press play, and the HVDS sends electricity into specific areas of your body and forces you to get down with the hip-hop beat you programmed, whether your central nervous system wants to or not.

Maybe you could learn the dance moves through this form of aided memorization. Maybe you'll get extensive muscle and nerve damage. I don't care, it's not up to me.

Please pardon any errors in spelling or tense, I'm very tired, but unable to sleep.

notmarkflynn, May 15 2006


       must have! (two left feet, no sense of rhythm)
pertinax, May 15 2006

       This would make a good plot device in a movie - dancing at the start, then the HVDS goes awry causing the user(s) to act strangely. This could be a comedy or a horror flick.
xaviergisz, May 15 2006

       I would program my face to look like I cared.
epicproblem, May 15 2006

       An inconspicuous pocket version could be employed to help bluff your way through the black cab drivers' exam.
Texticle, May 15 2006

       Brilliant! I'll get started on a face version and mail you one right away!   

       I assume that you live in the coolest part of town, [epicproblem]?
notmarkflynn, May 15 2006

       If you can't handle the heat, then don't electrify your body for fun.
notmarkflynn, May 15 2006

       I saw some discovery channel show where they did this to someones face. electrodes hooked up to different frequency pass filters so the face "danced". it was rather comical
bleh, May 15 2006

       [nmf]: Actually, it's almost 100F here today, so get that puppy in the mail, I'm gonna program me some swimmin'.
epicproblem, May 18 2006

       I saw something on a documentary some years back about a computer programmer/artist who wired up one of his arms, just like this idea, to his computer, then let other people (through a sensor-laden glove) control his arm. I think he also did some pre-programming and let his computer control his arm as well.
Sorry I don't have a link.
neutrinos_shadow, May 18 2006


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