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EMP Grenades

Grenades that generate EMP for miles!
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I heard that the military is scared because terrorists are using something called E-bombs that can generate EMP for miles! I was thinking that someone should make a grenade that does the same thing only the emp would effect a house! I was also wondering about nuclear grenades that generated a ten to twenty foot sphere of radiation! any ideas or suggestions?
Phreakish, Jan 06 2005


       // generated a ten to twenty foot sphere of radiation!// What about the inverse square law?
It takes a little more than a bomb wrapped in wire to create emp - I could tell you how to do it, but then I'd have to be jolly beastly towards you
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 06 2005

       [marked for deletion] WIBNI
scubadooper, Jan 06 2005

       ///what about the inverse square law// / Well, if you first surrounded the target with a big sphere of wire and made a really big magnetic field, it's possible that you could curve some of the particles around into a sphere-like shape. Currents on the order of trillions of amps, I'm guessing.   

       As for the EMP bomb...just get yourself a big coil, powerful capacitors and a parabolic reflector. Make yourself a directional EMP device...maybe not so good for a whole house (especially one with metal siding) but enough to break your little brother's game boy.
Macwarrior, Mar 14 2005

       Even better would be to make very tiny EMPs, which you could use to take out noisy boom boxes or obnoxious neon signs. They would be the size of an aspirin, and come on a necklace. They would be detonated by biting them. Also, the micronuke, which would generate an eight inch sphere of radiation. This would be used to sterilize particularly germy, greasy dog poops. It would unfortunately probably kill the lawn underneath as well.   

       Those are just a few of my ideas along these lines.
bungston, Mar 14 2005


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