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exterior post-it notes

for those times when you just have to leave a note outside
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they are waterproof and will stick to any surface. they are very very sticky so that young fingers cannot remove. they come in all colours and sizes. if the surface is very resistent to the glue, they come with a few of my favourite DIY item of all time, the 6” biodegradable masonry nail.

Message 1: on tree - “please do not remove bark – it kills the tree”

Message 2: on tree – “lost one cat – black and white, answers to the name of “4th of 4”

Message 3: on bag of rubbish deposited outside my gate, overnight -
“I know who you are!”

Message 4: on the door to the gas engineer I have waited ALL day for –
“ I am walking the dogs and am no further than the end of the road – you leave a stupid “I called and you were out” card & go away and I may have to garotte you slowly with the dog lead”

Message 5: on the door to the postman - “please do not leave my parcel with the scumbag at No 20 – thank you”

Message 6: on the car to the traffic warden – “ I have 2 current parking permits – look there >>>> see?”

Message 7: on the dustbin for the dustbin men – “please, please take that extra bag of rubbish – it does NOT contain depleted uranium, I promise”

po, Oct 26 2002

(?) Lost dog notice http://www.geocitie...t_dog/lost_dog.html
Sorry about the quality. No animals were harmed at all. [Ling, Jul 08 2005]

(?) lost friend notice http://www.geocitie....html?1093967453121
[po, Jul 09 2005]


       Maybe on the car door - "Did you remember the keys?"   

       Seen at bus stop - "Missing, runaway turtle"
FarmerJohn, Oct 26 2002

       On the sidewalk:

       On [blissmiss]'s porch:
"No spiders allowed"
phoenix, Oct 26 2002

       Also useful when about town - leave a note on the wall of the Dog and Duck: "Dave - We have gone on to the Duck and Dog. Catch us up, a pint will be waiting for you."
friendlyfire, Oct 26 2002

       For the inside of windscreens or windows, a post-it note with an adhesive strip top and bottom (to stop it rolling up in the Sun), and some way to write on the back would be helpful. The sticky strip would need marker lines to stop you accidentally writing on the adhesive.
Ling, Jul 08 2005

       This is several incipient rants in one. But [+]
Basepair, Jul 08 2005

       Of course! Why hasn't this been marketed yet? +
sartep, Jul 09 2005

       Actually, you can buy exterior post-its in aerosol form. They are simimar to interior post-its, but lack the weather- vulnerable paper and glue components.
Basepair, Jul 09 2005

       I could use some printed "Please tow this car."
popbottle, Oct 15 2014


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