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Free Tibet: Political/Economic Feedback Requires Info
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There should be an import labeling requirement so that the nation of origin is easily visible on consumer products.

I think, for example, that China needs to make both political and product safety improvements.

If imported products were clearly labeled with the nation of origin, we could all make better buying decisions.

just4kinks, Apr 18 2008


       What, you mean like a label with "Made in China" on it?
Woah! Steady on, brainiac
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 18 2008

       What country do you live in?
wagster, Apr 18 2008

       Now you have me confused. If the product is made in china, and the label is made in USA, would should be written on the label?
Ling, Apr 19 2008

       This computer monitor is made of plastic processed from Venezuelan crude oil by Romanian workers in Germany, injection molded by Vietnamese workers in Canada; electronics components produced in USA assembled in Taiwan; glass produced in France; wiring harness made with copper from Zaire and assembled in the UK; final component assembly and cosmetic painting done in China using paint made by Basque workers in Spain. Import and export duties, tariffs and taxes paid in the USA.   

       I forgot... who was I boycotting?
lurch, Apr 19 2008

       Boycott them all - they're all bastards.
wagster, Apr 19 2008

       I hate labels
po, Apr 19 2008

       Then where do you wear your corsage?
bungston, Apr 20 2008

       Rumour has it that C&A is so called because the label can be anatomically correct when applied to ladies underwear.
Ling, Apr 20 2008


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