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A label that indicates a product is designed to be fixed.
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A sales and green label to show that product is of a construction standard, with available replacement parts, that can be fixed. This will come at a cost but has the ability to be endlessly serviceable. A product you can pass down the generations that has had loving use and memories.

A further standard is the platinum fixable label which places emphasis on the parts. Parts must be off the shelf standards so repairs are not limited to a companies proprietary parts. The innovation sold is an actual intellectual difference not just a twist of shape.

This idea is brought to you by a whole number (reasonably large) and the letter l (for logic of a global set of universal product screws)

wjt, Jan 02 2020

My Mechanics fixes things (Youtube channel) https://www.youtube...VIBtqFW6O0-MWq26gqw
Seems like most anything can be fixed with a little rework. [sninctown, Jan 03 2020]


       And to get the consumer in the right frame of mind, the product can be shipped, needing to be fixed right out of the box. Wait a minute... this idea has already been tried.
tumblewit, Jan 03 2020

       [tumblewit] On average, we get what we pay for.   

       [sninctown] Restoration is slightly different to fixing as it presupposes a period of non use. Beautiful objects, nevertheless.
wjt, Jan 03 2020

       iFixit gives repairability scores to consumer electronics products, but I don't know of any product being sold with an iFixit score printed on its packaging.
notexactly, Jan 03 2020


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