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face to face cuddle mattress

two people (or more) that like each other fall asleep entwined face to face on one mattress, the computer camera images pulse variation to note circulation then decreases the springs under the arms tucked under the other person, face to face breathers now have oxygen from one of those electronic membrane oxygen makers drift up from a center area of the bed. Result fulfilling romantic infatuation style sleeping that actually works
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People that really like each other sometimes try to sleep entwined facing each other, particularly teenagers. This new mattress technology permits people to sleep facing each other entwined voluntarily.

It also has some benefits to a one person sleeping. One person sleeping might sleep on their side, then perhaps their arm feels tingly then numb, "going to sleep" as that is sometimes called. Now think of a THz or just high quality imaging camera, it can tell from viewing shoulder or hands if circulation is modified, then it changes the tension on the individual coil springs beneath the persons side. Fortunately mattresses are currently advertised as having separate spring coils, so motorizing each of about 10 to 40 of these is plausible. The software sees the sleeper, measures circulation, then adjusts.

Now we just apply that to multiperson sleepers who now have averaged, rather than most, of the other persons weight on their entwined arms.

Two people facing each other in bed also previously may have caused some to feel the warm breath less oxygen or perhaps more CO2 noncomfortableness effect

Hammacher Schlemmer has an electronic membrane portable oxygen maker, this idea just places the oxygen output from that at a center diffusion pad under the sheet, so an undetectable light breeze of heightened oxygen keeps the two persons facing each other breathing comfortably, cooly, lightly as they fall asleep embracing.

lodging establishments that cater to people that reaaaaaallllly like each other might actually start the trend of the romantic connection bed, which then becomes normal.

beanangel, May 08 2012

Armhole_20mattress [calum, May 08 2012]

XKCD http://xkcd.com/335/
Prior Art [8th of 7, May 09 2012]


       The oxygen supply idea is pretty inspired. [+]
Alterother, May 08 2012

       I like it, but it does not address the snore factor.   

       ...and it's almost impossible to understand
hippo, May 08 2012

       *face to face cuddle mistress sold separately.
AusCan531, May 08 2012

       //...and it's almost impossible to understand//   

       /Almost/ impossible is a significant improvement over the usual [beanan] fare. [+]
ytk, May 08 2012

       I understood all of the individual words, just not the way in which they were arranged.
hippo, May 08 2012

       [hippo] If you lay on your side, face to face with your monitor, you may understand this better! I'm going to give it a bun for a normal title length, too!
xandram, May 08 2012

       ...rushes off to Hammecher Schlemmer...
RayfordSteele, May 08 2012

       I have the writer's ability to mentally edit... it's virtually essential for understanding [beanangel]. He's kind of like Shakespeare in that you have to read/see it once to get the general sense of what's going on, then you begin to understand the specifics on the second pass.
Alterother, May 08 2012

       has anyone ever seen those beds that vibrate? you put some money in a device then the bed vibrates for 15 minutes. wow flash backs of family vacations i'm having uncomfortable thoughts now about my parents selection of lodging establishments   

       Anyhow people that reaaaaaallllly like each other might actually want a vibrate function.
vfrackis, May 08 2012

       // has anyone ever seen those beds that vibrate? //   

       No, nobody but you. Not a single one of us has ever stayed in a cheap rest-stop motel, except for you.
Alterother, May 08 2012

       [beanangel], I think someone has been nefariously depriving your brain of oxygen, for a very long time.
UnaBubba, May 08 2012

       I've only seen the vibrating beds in American movies. Not that I want to see one in reality.
UnaBubba, May 09 2012

       "People that really like each other sometimes try to sleep entwined facing each other, particularly teenagers"   

       haha I'm trying to picture a teenager explaining to there parents why they needed this bed.   

       Good idea though, I always hated when my arm would fall asleep.
bob, May 09 2012

       Sleep is a kinda personal thing. Maybe I'm just getting old and crotchetty?
UnaBubba, May 09 2012

hippo, May 09 2012

       sorry [Alterother] - I, too, have slept on a vibrating bed somewhere up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in a tiny cabin motel...

       It was not very romantic nor did it have any kind of massaging appeal...just kind of buzzy.
xandram, May 09 2012

       My God [xandram], was that you? Well, no matter what you say, I thought it was romantic **sniff**
AusCan531, May 09 2012

       Hey, no need to apologize, I think the things are gawdawful. We once found one that shimmied all over the place and had a suitcase race--first one that vibrated to the edge was the winner.
Alterother, May 09 2012

       I recall thinking "whoopee, a real treat", and then wondering how the hell that giant mosquito got into the room. (buzz-a-buzz-a-buzz...)
blissmiss, May 09 2012

       //He's kind of like Shakespeare//   

       Ya think?
pertinax, May 13 2012

       Only in that single aspect.
Alterother, May 13 2012


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