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fashionable Tie-Dyed straightjackets

straightjackets made fashionable, because fashion is crazy
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crazy people wanna look good too, tie-died or any types of designs or patterns, these could be marketed to insane asylums everywhere, maybe family members who come to visit their crazy relatives are tired of seeing thier loved ones in same old traditional white garments
Ozzy, Nov 15 2006

Tarred and feathered http://en.wikipedia...nd_Professor_Fether
A short story by Edagr Allan Poe [neelandan, Nov 14 2008]


       people are 2 crazy to even annote this one
Ozzy, Nov 15 2006

       The spelling on this one is enough to drive anyone crazy. [-]
baconbrain, Nov 16 2006

       I think I see where you're coming from [Ozzy], but you've confused two different kinds of craziness.   

       It takes two to make a fashion, namely, a fashion leader and a fashion follower. If someone merely dresses up and looks good, that's not fashion. It only becomes fashion when someone else, someone insecure and less glamorous, copies the look.   

       That's collective craziness.   

       However, the people in the asylumns tend to be more individually crazy than that. If they were good at aping approved role models, then they'd probably still be out here with us.
pertinax, Nov 16 2006

       Who cares what they want? At least a bit of pattern would hide the vomit strains. And it might help cheer the staff up. +
moomintroll, Nov 16 2006

       I am interested, though somewhat bemused, to see the words "fashionable" and "tie-dye" being used in the same sentance.
squeak, Nov 16 2006

       what [baconbrain]. [pertinax] and [squeak] all said. The *crazy* people I know would prefer styles like smoking jackets with satin collars and cuffs, Chesterfield collars of black velvet on red wool blazers, paisley silk, fake doctor suits, ruffles and lace, hooded sweatshirts and the ever popular henley.
xandram, Nov 16 2006

       First you have designer colostomy bags and now this.
Jscotty, Nov 16 2006

       chesterfield collars and smoking jackets, No wonder they are committed to begin with--I wouldn't wear that krap if I was dead.
Ozzy, Nov 16 2006

       <laughs> <coughs> too bad some of the people described here are millionaires...or so they think.
xandram, Nov 16 2006

       add a peace pipe to complete the set
abhorsen1983, Nov 17 2006

       I got a peace of pipe 4 ya
Ozzy, Nov 20 2006

       I want one, maybe more stripes and less tie dye for a more Alice in Wonderland look.
redpandainventor, Nov 14 2008

       <link> somehow this idea reminds me of a short story by Edgar Allan Poe.   

       It is about an institution in which the inmates are allowed to wear what they please.
neelandan, Nov 14 2008


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