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fax shredder

As junk-fax comes through, goes straight into integrated shredder
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Don't know about you guys, but in this part of the world we get a ton of junk-faxes, solicitation and spam through the fax machine. In my office I'd say 99 out of 100 transmissions is unsolicited garbage -- which is duplicated in spam email or telemarketing calls. So, don't throw away your dedicated fax line, just buy a fax-shredder, so that as the paper comes out printed it gets shred immediately. If you put colored paper in your fax paper-tray, then you can make great looking recycled paper out of the shreds, later on downstream, and lay down some artistic claim like "its a metapohorical highlight of the consumption and waste and tragedy of corporate capitalism in underdeveloped pan-global relations. So i help with this artsy-recycled paper -- my baby steps towards a better humanity"
wiss, Feb 25 2003

Vend-O-Shred. http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Vend-o-shred
I think you would like this, [wiss]. [sild, Oct 04 2004]

Fax.com http://consumeraffa...news02/junkfax.html
The biggest senders of junk fax, and routinely ignore removal requests, which is why they were fined $5.4m. [dalek, Oct 04 2004]


       tough crowd! Yes, that document you've been waiting for -- bye bye! However, this may be specific only here, but fax-documents hold no legal value whatsoever. So shred away...
wiss, Feb 25 2003

       try again though [wiss]   

       I take great glee on stopping the garbage as it comes through. again and again and again, knowing that they are paying for each call.   

       I disable the machine at night when they come through by the hundred.
po, Feb 25 2003

       why worry...just shred
wiss, Feb 25 2003

       If you have a method for determining the spamminess of an incoming fax, I'd rather see it used in a way that buffers and analyzes an incoming fax and then prints the one's that are deemed to be desirable. To prevent the loss of an important fax, the non-printed ones could be preserved on disk for x number of days and then flushed. No wasted paper, no superfluous mechanical devices added to the fax machine.   

       Since the posted idea doesn't offer a method for actually solving the stated problem, this idea is essentially a rant.   

       Welcome to the halfbakery [wiss] and as [po] said, do try again.
half, Feb 25 2003

       As you seem to be assuming that all faxes will be junk, why not simply unplug the fax machine?
angel, Feb 25 2003

       Use a PC and a modem to receive your incoming faxes, then review them on-screen before printing .....   

       The "artistic claim" aspect of the idea does however posess significantly more merit than this year's shortlist for the Turner Prize, though.
8th of 7, Feb 25 2003

       I used to get a lot of spam faxes with real return contact info on them. I would usually make a photocopy of nothing with the top of the copier open (so I had a black sheet of paper) and fax it back. That'll teach 'em to waste my toner!
snarfyguy, Feb 25 2003

       That's not the ones with a premium-rate number, is it?
angel, Feb 25 2003

       encouraged, i remain! I mean, this is halfbakery, right! Plus, you really have to be here to realize how useless owning a fax machine is -- but it is an ambient business-norm, like lawyers -- not that they're useless, mind you.   

       I must stress that the idea has great artisitic/anti-WTO and capitalism themes, and thus belongs in an art gallery somehwere in Greenwich Village.   

       Thanks, all, for the initiation.
wiss, Feb 26 2003

       For me, the irritation in junk faxes is that it wastes paper (thermal or regular) and toner (or carbon rolls). The shredder would do nothing to stop the abuse of my office supplies. Personally, I phone up the person who faxed me and try to convince them they've faxed a proofreading service, and I'm sending them a bill for their submission.
Cedar Park, Feb 26 2003

       I have a fax modem and viewer software. Junk faxes cost the sender the price of a phone call, and I just hit 'delete'.
angel, Feb 26 2003

       Same here. I get countless faxes inviting me to return the fax to show my support / disagreement / comments on some issue du jour to a premium rate number. ("Calls cost a maximum of £4.50 per minute.") Of course, the page is mainly black.
angel, Feb 27 2003

       // like lawyers -- not that they're useless, mind you //   

       [wiss] you have proof of that ? Just curious ...
8th of 7, Feb 27 2003

       In the U.S. it's outright illegal to 'SPAM fax'. I haven't had single removal request ignored wherein I explain my willingness to sue the pants off 'em.
phoenix, Feb 28 2003


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