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decals made of poo
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For guerilla environmentalists or angry people.

we've taken poo and dehydrated it.Then we took the poo, powderd it and printed your design on the tissue like paper decals are printed on. To apply, spray window/car with spraybottle (included), apply to window, wait 5 seconds and remove paper. fe-cals will be easily washable, so no permanant damage will be done; however, victim will probably not realize its poo until they begin to wash it off and catch the smell.

Fe-cals have two primary applications

1. People who wish to inform someone of the harm they are doing to the environment by driving a gargantuan truck /offending vehicle for no apparent reason other than penis envy, but who do not wish to litter by proxy by putting notes/ flyers on windows.

2. People who have been wronged in traffic. Follow offending vehicle and apply to drivers window or winshield. If it's a white car go crazy.

--thanks to mel for this one.

bleh, Oct 02 2006


       "No shit"
skinflaps, Oct 02 2006

       This is, in a less mechanized way, Widely Baked in India, where dung is often used in drawings of a religious nature on walls. So it's entirely possible your targets will entirely misunderstand your intentions.
DrCurry, Oct 02 2006

       I have an elephant dung paper sketch book - (just thought you needed to know this)
xenzag, Oct 02 2006

       Thought this would be an iron-on idea, with iron.
Shz, Oct 03 2006

       "People who wish to inform someone of the harm they are doing to the environment by driving a gargantuan truck /offending vehicle for no apparent reason other than penis envy" - You gonna ask what their reason is first or just presume that your sanctmonious shit-slinging is justified?   

       As for the "people who have been wronged in traffic" option, are you seriously suggesting that anyone sane would embark on a car chase with the intention of APPLYING A SHIT STENCIL, FER CHRISSAKES to the "winshield" of some boyracer who cut them up at the lights?   

       Literally and in every conceivable way, a shit idea.
Murdoch, Oct 03 2006

       I was sniggering as I typed it, honest. It's so bad it made me laugh. I'm realy not as grumpy as my annos make me appear. I'd laugh at a swinging gate.
Murdoch, Oct 04 2006

       //I have an elephant dung paper sketch book //   

       is that paper made form elephant dung,or a book of drawings done with elephant dung?
bleh, Oct 04 2006

       Or an elephant-brand, paper book, containing sketches of dung?
Texticle, Oct 04 2006

       maybe its a regular sketch book filled with sketches of what elephant dung paper would look like.
bleh, Oct 04 2006

xenzag, Oct 04 2006

       //i'd laugh at a swinging gait.//   

       Monty Python fan?
webfishrune, Oct 05 2006


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