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fizzy pill recreational drugs

1) enteric coated capsule 2)baking soda and citric acid 3) recreational drugs 4) then combine them, the fizzy pill releases them suddenly at lower GI tract giving the same high with les drugs
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I think that if recreational drugs skipped digestion it would take less of them to get high.

so, get enteric coated capsules (ebay) as well as citric acid and baking soda (grocery) as well as recreational drugs. combine them at the capsule. The delivered dose could be twice or ten times as much without digestion!

now of course there would not be an immediate rush on swallow, yet there might be a rush on fizziness. This might possibly work for opiates or stimulants making them 2 to 10 times cheaper!

beanangel, Oct 13 2016


       So the end result is a more potent high, spent on the toilet.
FlyingToaster, Oct 13 2016

       Actually i just remembered that this is a way to administer peptide drugs as beneficial medications, or possibly as recreational drugs.
beanangel, Oct 13 2016

       Perhaps they could make them taste like steak?
whatrock, Oct 14 2016


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