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floppy plates

malleable material used in plate spinning
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I was pondering the artistry of plate spinning. You know, the skill of keeping a number of plates spinning on sticks.

The thoughts came to me about growth and time and I wondered if you could use a plastic material plate so as the speed increased, the diameter of the plate increased. This probably would be a one way change, as in life. A slow change rubbery material might have the contraction. I wonder if pizza dough would be viable.

These mental rumblings got me thinking whether two plates could rub and form a third spinning plate. For this to work though, the medium of air would not be sufficient. Also the formation of the third plate would have to pull it's material from the medium. Sort of accrete.

Are we all just floppy plates spun out from the giant mother spin?

Anyway(back to reality), would floppy spinning plates be more visually exciting, I think they definitely would need more skill as the flexibility would reduce spin.

wjt, Jan 01 2010


       Indeed, an exciting visual.
outloud, Jan 01 2010


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