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foot powered electrostatic air cleaner for the toilet

Keepin' it fresh!
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Hook up a foot-powered generator to one of these air cleaners (since electrical outlets in a bathroom or a loo are few and far between). Electrostatic action cleans the air of the foul odors generated.

Could also make a hand-crank version of this as well.

muzer, Oct 08 2003

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       Surely there is a better category for this idea than other:[general]
suctionpad, Oct 08 2003

       most stuff in other: general ends up down the waste pipe.
po, Oct 08 2003

       ... propelled down that pipe by foot powered electrostatic air cleaners, no doubt ...
Don Quixote, Oct 08 2003

       The idea is a good one... but the whole idea of burning personal energy to remove odor is what makes me shy from buying such a product. What you should do is make a machine that is powered by the odor (methane powered maybe) and have it do something else... heat the water maybe. That way it would remove the odor by using it as energy, instead of using energy to remove the odor.
Raldo, Oct 09 2003

       I'm pretty sure that you can't remove odours electrostatically. Particles yes, but volatiles no. If you find you're filling the air with fine particles in your loo, you probably ought to talk to someone.
Basepair, Apr 20 2005


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