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M and M's in freeze pops
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This summer, I was hot. I pulled out a freeze pop, and I started to eat it. It wasnt very satisfying, no crunch. So I looked around and found a bag of M and M's. I poured them in carefully and started to eat. To my delight, I created a masterpiece. If you are uncertain, try it...
TheZ, Dec 06 2002


       You can get a Smarties Ice Cream, Smarties being the British/Canadian Smarties, not the American ones, which i am told taste like chalk. However, Smarties are very similar to M & M's, except smaller. But equally deliscious.
tyskland, Dec 06 2002

       And yes, they're available in not just in bulk containers, but ice-cream-novelty sizes, be they ice-cream-sandwich or cones. Freezer cases in stores big and small have these.
thumbwax, Dec 06 2002

       NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!!!!!!I mean the freezepops meaning as fruit, not ice cream! You know, the ones in the plastic tube...Believe me, try it...
TheZ, Dec 13 2002


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