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Candy Bar Chips

Snickers type candy bars frozen and sliced into wafers
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Imagine going to the grocery store and walking down the frozen foods aisle and peering into the display and seeing rows and rows of chocolate chip, rocky road, and a host of other confectionary concoctions all lined up nicely along the aisle. Now imagine yourself as a shopper who'd like a way to each your most favorite of candy bars, Snickers in this case, without having to deal with the melting bar or constant upwrapping of those bite size bars. I say we double the thickness of the traditional Snickers bar and get a machine to slice them straight down from the top into chip like edibles that are then packaged in small Frito-Lay type bags and sold out of the freezer section of your local grocery hub. Lots of people like their candy bars out of the freezer (mmmmmmm) and I think packaging them as frozen chips (the edges would be chocolate but you'd get to see the wacky innards of the bar with each chip) would allow both the intimate dining experience of a t.v. dinner and the small frozen smile of satisfaction that comes with eating Snickers bars all day! Who wants a bag?!? For all the Atkins fans we could put out frozen protein bar chips in chocolaty peanut butter flavors that wouldn't have any sugar and all protein. I really want a bag. Please earn 1 bun, please earn 1 bun...
tommyedison, Feb 16 2004

Chocolate "Chips" http://www.halfbake...olate_20_22Chips_22
[dryman, Oct 17 2004]


       Oven chips taste bad.
Knut, Feb 16 2004

       the scots have been deep fat frying mars bars for years...
po, Feb 16 2004

       All in preperation for the full-scale invasion of the planet, of course.
Knut, Feb 16 2004

       If you hit the [enter] key twice, you can force a paragraph break. You can also type a "
" (omit quotes) and force a line break.

       I like the idea of Snickers Chips. A frozen Snickers can rip the best dental work out of your mouth in a heartbeat. This lets me have my frozen Snickers and keep my teeth too. Bun!
Klaatu, Feb 16 2004

       (What I think [Klaatu] meant to say was you can type <br>, including the angle brackets, in your text to force a line break.)
half, Feb 16 2004

       Thank you [half]
Klaatu, Feb 16 2004

       Reese's/Hershey's Swoops are chocolate, peanut butter and they come in a small container like pringles, and are shaped like mineature versions of the popular snack chip (crisps) ... as [reensure]'s link depicts ... good show, man, because I looked for quite somewhile and wouldn't come up with a link ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 17 2004


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