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fruit and food forests

Reforest Earth making an edible garden of Eden
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"Fruitarian Reforestation Manifesto" Lettuce, excuse me, let us make a vegetarian fruitarian pact. Earth and her people together as one shall exist in a healthier, cleaner, safer environ. Our environment would have an enormous demand for fresh fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, and vegetables world wide. Using our massive military one can grow food forests throughout the world. One's Army at command one will aerial seed the uninhabited regions with the Air Force. Using the infantry one will take care of infant trees. Creating a network of water pipes one has the Army Corp of Engineers. The first to help an the last to stop will be the Marine Corp growing trees like nobodies business. One will leave a legacy to one’s children that will make one proud. This means vast areas of arable land would be producing hundreds of billions of tons of oxygen from the cultivation of these food stuffs that they weren’t before. Like hands across America one will help out and make Earth day and Arbor day every day creating an edible ecosystem. Hundreds of billions of tons, wow that’s a lot, imagine how much hundreds of billions of tons of oxygen would benefit one. Imagine how clean the air can become, how much healthier one will be. Proven to be essential for every facet of sapient life on earth oxygen is the first and foremost advantage in our switch to an epicurean fruit forest paradisiacal dream. What say one to one’s deserts becoming tropical fruit forests one’s neighborhoods revitalizing via urban jungle renewal. One’s urban forest canopies being enhanced and beautified exponentially producing huge quantities of fresh clean sweet air. One can use our tax dollars to create another Eden, one really could. One's inner cities can be “spruced” up (I should have said pined, I could use the pine nuts for pesto) . Delectable, delicious, delicacies, make ma mambo to taste bud tingling savory succulent food. A truly enlightening feast. Taking "in light in" photosynthesis, neat pun. With the help of a government that wants to live longer healthier lives one could make a gentler kinder more peaceful life on a garden planet. Last but not least with one’s Navy, one could go with trees like on the flag of Belize on the breeze to neighboring countries and say please take these trees to grow fruit and new shoots.

International love to ya baby

Evenessence, May 19 2004


       I'm so sorry I failed to read this when you posted it, It is a lovely sentiment, with much flowery language, pardon the pun.   

       You are proposing a new Eden, with one oversight, when the evil serpent, like Bin Laden or the next Hitler moves into the garden and tries to take control, who will defend it?
dentworth, May 28 2004

       Imagine what a wonderful world it would be, how readily we could all understand one another, if everybody in the world used paragraph breaks.
normzone, May 28 2004

       //nobodies business// surely nobody's business
neilp, May 28 2004

       [+] although I only had the patience to read the first sentence (luckily ending somewhere after the third line). I hope there's no change in tone further down.
pashute, Mar 27 2011


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