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A dishwasher with a fruit & vegetable washing program
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A dishwasher with a "fruit and vegetable washing" program.

In this program, a small amount of cold water will be used, and no detergents. Then the produce will be gently dried with warm air only, to avoid cooking it.

Only a tiny amount of detergent remains in the machine from previous dish loads, and it is non toxic (designed for dishes). Therefore there is no danger of poisoning.

In fact this might be actually possible today with dishwashers that have a quick "cold rinse" program.

To wash small fruit such as grapes, olives, or cherries, put them in a closed basket (like the one you get for cutlery).

aronbrand, Jul 30 2006


       Simple, useful, easily baked. Not very ecofriendly, but you can't have everything.   

       Welcome, [aronbrand]. Have an authentic halfbakery croissant.
wagster, Jul 30 2006

       It is pretty eco-friendly, in most machines the quick program uses only four liters of water (1 gallon), and you can wash a hell of a lot fruit and vegetables. No heating means minimal power use, and you can even program it to operate at night to save on energy bills. No detergents means no harmful waste.
aronbrand, Jul 30 2006

       Hm. I wonder if you could use the dishwasher to steam vegetables...?
DrCurry, Jul 30 2006

       ...and the spinning water jet arm for cotton candy?
methinksnot, Jul 30 2006

jellydoughnut, Aug 03 2006

       Do you have *many* succesful dinner parties Jelly or...
...do they generally say your cooking is *interesting* and decline coffee?
aronbrand, love the idea, waking up to freshly laundered Fruit and Veg to pop into a smoothie/juicer would be great! have a delicious warm bun [+]
The_Englishman_Abroad, Aug 03 2006


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