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fuzzy felt sex

spell it out, with felt
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Remember fuzzy felts? You stuck little felt shapes onto a felt board to make a picture, the mild adhesive nature of felt would hold it there just long enough to show Mum, then you pulled the shapes off and stuck them somewhere else. There were farm yards, airports playgrounds and various other scenes. Well, the fuzzy felt generation has grown up. With the fuzzy felt sex game, shy lovers can show their partner what they would like done to them. Left hand here, tongue here, etc. You can also use it to invent new sexual positions. Make them on the fuzzy felt board then try them out for real.

I sent this one to Ann Summers. Not impressed.

JB36, Apr 17 2002


       I bet you were watching Channel 4 at 10.35 on Monday night.
...doesn't matter, JB, I was teasing.
sappho, Apr 17 2002

       I can't remember, what was on?
JB36, Apr 17 2002

       whats next Mr & Mrs Potato Head? sorry, thats baked.
po, Apr 17 2002

       Mm-mm, baked potato.
mrthingy, Apr 17 2002

       Felt with feelings?
phoenix, Apr 18 2002

       Can one shave the felt?
FarmerJohn, Apr 19 2002

       Maybe felt the shave.
neelandan, Apr 19 2002

       On the grand scale of eroticism, it's hard to imagine many things that would score lower than fuzzy felt.
wagster, Jun 08 2005

       what if visiting children find your fuzzy felt and start playing with it?
Yosarian, Dec 08 2005

       This idea is one step away from a chalk board and demonstration pointer.
Worldgineer, Dec 08 2005

       "Now pay attention..."
moomintroll, Dec 08 2005

       How about a fuzzy-felt body suit... then stick arrows on yourself, showing where you would like attention...
the_jxc, Dec 09 2005

       Sounds sweaty and would insulate you from the sensation of touch. I would think felt markers would work much better for that.
Worldgineer, Dec 09 2005

       I want the fuzzy felt love doll!
Jscotty, Dec 09 2005


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