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Nuclear Suicide Coffin

Put a nuclear bomb inside a far-off coffin, for an instant death, preventing the potential deaths of millions.
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Some people do prefer to commit suicide, with reasons that could be deemed reasonable from some perspectives, such as absurdity of life, or curiosity to check out what happens to one's consciousness when one dies, or as a selfless desire to use up the bomb before it kills millions.

There are all kinds of painless suicide methods. This one relies on the instantaneity of flesh disintegration just beside an exploding nuclear device. The person inside such coffin would have two buttons: green and red one. The rest is choice. No one else gets killed except, perhaps, the suicide bomber.

Maybe these kind of suicides could be subsidized by governments, as parts of nuclear disarmament programs, and media could portray such acts as heroic attempts to avoid a nuclear war.

(inspired by the theircompetitor's idea "Schrödinger Boxification.")

Inyuki, Aug 14 2012

Schrödinger Boxification Schr_f6dinger_20Boxification
'The Quantum Coffin', by theircompetitor [Inyuki, Aug 14 2012]


       Men usually choose more violent suicide methods which accounts for a higher rate.
rcarty, Aug 14 2012

       [-]: is it because government would better not be accused of helping anyone commit suicide (and that's against what government ought to do: e.g. cure a person), or because it adds unnecessary nuclear pollution, or for some other reasons? What could be the worst thing about it?
Inyuki, Aug 14 2012

       I imagine various deaths for myself. The countdown is cool with everybody though, so I'm in too.
rcarty, Aug 14 2012

       10, 9,...
zeno, Aug 14 2012

       That countdown is out of synch for most people.
rcarty, Aug 14 2012

       // I imagine various deaths for myself. //   

       A rainbow of lasers could be beautiful, but it would require enormously powerful lasers, or a great number of them to be painless.
Inyuki, Aug 14 2012

       I'd like to captain a balloon of hot air into these beams.
rcarty, Aug 14 2012

       After fifteen hundred years of youth and health count me in.   

       Would you have to have a cat in the coffin with you?
UnaBubba, Aug 15 2012

       It will depend on the color of the button pressed.
Inyuki, Aug 16 2012

       <ponders posting 'Nuclear cat coffin' idea>   

       It is highly unlikely that the user will be able to detect the difference between atomic evaporation and mere conventional explosives.   

       And even if they did, they're hardly going to bbe able to sue you, are they?
8th of 7, Aug 16 2012

       Nno, nnot iin tthis llife.
UnaBubba, Aug 17 2012

       Ddo yyou knknow whwhat hahahappens.
rcarty, Aug 17 2012


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