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"I'm on top", "No I am!", "No me!"
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Combining the fun of a theme-park and the utility of a bed in the er..bedroom. The Fun-kbed, is the ultimate in bedtime fun!

It consists of dual supports, linked at the top via a central axis. At either end of this axis, rods extend out perpendicularly. At the end of these rods are beds, free roatating of course.

Here's the "Fun" part!

A small motor housed at the base of one support provides rotation, once both beds are occupied. Occupents may stop the rotation at any time via the controls, located in each Fun-kbed.

There will be no more fighting of who gets the top bunk!

*If you cannot visualize this, please follow the link provided to see an "artists" impression.
silverstormer, May 14 2003

Fun-kbed! http://www.geocitie...rstormer/index.html
Sketch of Fun-kbed [silverstormer, Oct 05 2004]


       Now the kids will *never* go to sleep! Slight quibble: if you have room for that contraption, you have room to place the beds side-by-side, a much simpler way to end the arguments.
DrCurry, May 14 2003

       But where's the fun in that? Good point though. It would take up only slightly more room than two ordinary beds.
silverstormer, May 14 2003

       To answer DrCurry's quibble: how about an "elbow joint" in the middle of the crossbeam, so that you can put both beds in the "up" position during the daytime? (You'd need some pins or something to lock them in place as they'd no longer be balancing each other).   

       Then this contraption does have an advantage over two floor beds: freed up floor space for play during daytime hours.
krelnik, May 14 2003

       I first read this as 'Funkbed.' It brought to mind a bed that grew mold to the vibes of Parliament Funkadelic; the growth of which was directly proportional to the 'funkiness' of the album played.
idyll, May 14 2003

       "last one to break an appendage is a rotten egg!"
k_sra, May 15 2003

       <k_sra> I have decided to make an addition, thanks :)
...For worried parents, a fun-kbed strap can be included.
silverstormer, May 15 2003

       Well its not my ultimate in bedtime fun.
sufc, May 15 2003


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