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giant birdfeeder lure

paint a giant birdfeeder on your roof to attrct birds from far away
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Birds like hummingbirds are drawn to bird feeders. painting a huge bird feeder on your roof will draw birds from far away. near the roof mural an actual birdfeeder is placed where the birds feed. This vastly increases the number of birds at the bird feeder.
beanangel, Apr 26 2017


       Interesting concept. A lot would depend on whether hummingbirds equate a large roof-drawing* with a small, real feeder.   

       (*It can't be called a mural, since 'murul' comes from the Latin for wall, murus. It could be called a tectal.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2017

       It might be simpler to rig up a skyward-pointing gun and a laser trigger. You could leave it running for a couple of weeks and you'd have loads of birds on your roof.   

       But why hummingbirds, [beany]? There's barely half a mouthful on them and, to be honest, the taste is overrated.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2017

       Instead of cable tv, I have the hummingbird feeder on my patio. Depending on who the area dominant male is that year, we have between two and seven hummers attending.   

       Eventually the orioles discovered it, tore loose the screens designed to discourage bees from feeding, and began regular visits. They are bright yellow, and there is as most a few of them in any given season.   

       Then the .... I don't know, they're gray. We call them songbirds for lack of positive ID, showed up. Mom, Dad, six or so kids all descended on it.   

       We recently replaced it with a model that has smaller apertures for beak access and everybody else moved on, the hummers love it.   

       So if your roof gets mobbed, you have been advised.
normzone, Apr 26 2017

       Hummingbirds leave less shit on the roof than most other birds.
popbottle, Apr 26 2017

       // Attracting raptors //   

       Selective breeding is better; the Giant Square-Tailed Eagle Owls took very little persuasion to switch to predating Chihuahuas as their primary food source.
8th of 7, Apr 26 2017

       Won't work but gets you thinking how to improve the bird feeder... so + from me.
pashute, Apr 30 2017


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