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Etch-a-Sketch Car

A different design, every day.
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Covering a car with a membrane akin to an etch-a-sketch would allow drivers to add smart designs to their cars. For example, by running their finger over the surface just past the wheels, they could add a flame design. Or go faster stripes. Or paisley. Or zebra stripes.

Best of all, by pressing a button on the dash, and activating a breif magnetic pulse, the car would be 'wiped clean' ready for the next journey.

Neighbourhood kids would also be able to write "clean me" on the etch-a-sketch car even when it was just washed.

Fishrat, Feb 26 2007

Etch-a-sketch http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Etch_A_Sketch
Here's the 'technology' [Fishrat, Feb 26 2007]

One way to do it... http://www.dirtycarart.com/
Not bad, but you'd have to keep getting your car dirty this way [TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 27 2007]


       Just park your car in a neighbourhood where grafitti vandals are active and you'll have a new design every morning. Make sure you carry a razor-blade scraper to clean your windows before you drive away. And you might want to keep couple of cans of spray paint in your trunk to "edit" any undesireable expletives that show up overnight.
Canuck, Feb 26 2007

       Canuck - you're right in so much as the etch-a-sketch car is in no way designed to guard against serious vandals. But this is true with any design of car. Park it in the wrong place overnight and you're likely to get trouble.   

       However, I suspect that drawing oversized genitalia on the etch-a-sketch car would be enough devilment for most opportunist vandals, and this could be removed next morning at the push of a button.
Fishrat, Feb 26 2007

       can I draw on it ? Pleeeeeaaaasssseeeee??? .....and what I would like to draw is: a picture of someone rubbing out a picture of someone rubbing out a picture of someone rubbing out a picture zzzzzzz......drawn on the Etch-a-Sketch car +
xenzag, Feb 26 2007

       + I really like this and parking lot attendants can play tic-tac-toe on the cars and wipe them clean before the owner returns.
xandram, Feb 26 2007

       the ['rat] is back. welcome. +
jonthegeologist, Feb 26 2007

       If you couldn't afford the real thing, you could make a faux Etch-a-sketch car from a light grey 1984 Ford Fiesta and a big black marker pen.   

       People would only get suspicious when your sketch stayed the same for months on end.
Fishrat, Feb 27 2007

       You'd have to be careful to avoid potholes and speed bumps if you don't want to accidently erase your treasured drawing of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the lunar surface from the hood (that's bonnet to the Brits) of your car.   

       What would I draw on my etch-a-sketch car? Big teeth? A hole? A maple leaf? Nah, I'd probably just draw my car going backwards just to watch people's reactions.   

       Ian, isn't all advertising aimed at 12 year-olds anyway?
Canuck, Feb 27 2007

       Remind me how the r-theta version works?.
Long time no see Fishy!.
gnomethang, Feb 27 2007

       A 1984 Chevy Nova will suffice in that case.
Hunter79764, Feb 28 2007


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