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Graffiti puzzle game
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A big image could be divided into smaller pieces and each of them drawn in a different place of a city with a note like "3 of 12" and the name of the artist. People at first will notice those pieces and then maybe will start searching for the missing ones. If they photograph all of them, they could put the pieces together and see the bigger message. Each of the pieces could be an autonomous image or just something abstract, but memorizable. The images should appear quite secretly without any additional annotation to surprise and create a buzz.

This game could be either a social message, or guerilla marketing, or a piece of art.

In addition, there could be an iPhone app for photographing the images, cropping and rotating them, and then allowing you to put them together.

archatas, Nov 03 2010

Space Invaders http://en.wikipedia...ki/Invader_(artist)
[DrWorm, Nov 04 2010]

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       Love it! [+]
Boomershine, Nov 04 2010

       Brilliant! Reminds me of the "Space Invaders" street art; seeing one "invader" can be the catalyst for an hour-long quest to find more.
DrWorm, Nov 04 2010

       this could be a life long game in London.
po, Nov 04 2010

       welcome to the halfbakery! good first post, so here's some pieces of croissant to put together to make a whole one +
xandram, Nov 04 2010

       Welcome and congrats on a good first post!
gnomethang, Nov 04 2010

       Like geocaching, but with graffiti. Sounds neat! Some of the pictures could be things only visible from a certain angle, such as a picture drawn on parts of 4 buildings which comes together when viewed from the elevated railroad as you pass over it.
phundug, Nov 04 2010


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