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So wadda ya want?
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Subscribers to guiltypleasures.fun pay a monthly or quarterly fee that is scaled to their pleasure. The novelty of the service is that you do not schedule the delivery, guiltypleasures.fun does, at their pleasure.

Say you are on a severely limited diet but have a standing subscription to gp.fun for the guilty pleasure of chocolate. Surprise! You may get a delivery as you watch a movie with a friend, or you may get it at a vegan fair trade awards dinner.

You love dogs but your apt building doesn't allow pets. Surprise! For the monthly retainer guiltypleasures.fun will secretly deliver an Alsatian and make sure it is safely whisked away before the homeowners' assn can get any pictures.

We service a full range of non-invasive, consensual guilty pleasures, guaranteeing our clients a minimum of 3 deliveries in a calendar year, with upgrades available at any time.

Specialized pleasures involving invasive, illegal, or non-consensual guilty pleasures are handled by our sister concierge service justguilty.con.

minoradjustments, Nov 13 2023


       [+] Well conceived & explained. I have a hunch something like this may already exist, though I won't have time to look for a little bit.
a1, Nov 13 2023

       I have concerns over whether your sister corporation, given its URL, will actually deliver. As for the less guilty among the available guilty pleasures, do you take payment in the form of pastry?
Voice, Nov 13 2023

       [Voice] justguilty.con has been known to deliver. guiltypleasures.fun will take bun-dled pastry, but justguilty.con only accepts bitcoin.   

       [a1] There are a number of 'surprise' monthly subscription services for tech, outdoor, kid project, and educational reasons, but none where you state your preference and wait for the result. Part of the attraction is the unpredictable, sometimes inappropriate delivery times and venues, as well as the frisson of hearing that knock on the door with your surprise order of surströmming. Takes all kinds.
minoradjustments, Nov 13 2023

       That's why I gave it the bun; it's the part I like best. I mean the unlredictable part; I'm not keen on surströmming.
a1, Nov 13 2023

       “Keen on surströmming.” What a concept.
minoradjustments, Nov 14 2023

       So many ways this could go delightfully wrong--all right! [+]
Sgt Teacup, Nov 14 2023

       I didn't realise before now that ".fun" is a valid TLD
hippo, Nov 14 2023


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