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Partial Grocery pick up

having the Albersons vehicle drop off the groceries with the Quakers who then plainspokenly foist world peace ecofair snacks on me saves time plus promotes eco n Just items
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I just saw a video where it was suggested that rural persons facing what might be called justice development opportunities would like their products to be available at groceries

I think a clever way to make this happen is to have willcallBay groceries

Basically developed worlders n Usaians choose their groceries online yet then pick them up at neighborhood area kiosks At the neighborhood area kiosk that has the persons groceries n whatnot there are also lots of other items they could pick up spontaneously most likely with rfid ID The kiosks could be full of fair value n green items

This is kind of faster n funner than actually visiting a grocery yet there is a little spontaneity with the fair value n green impulse items The kind of people that run thrift shops could monitor the process thus supplying volunteer labor

There is a modest advantage over delivery to where people live, whenever i got groceries from albertsons.com I'd have hours of awareness that the albertsons vehicle was on the verge of arriving

I note that "papa murphys" has actually made a functioning franchise from pick up raw deli food The difference between that n the idea of having the albersons vehicle drop off the groceries with the Quakers who then plainspokenly foist world peace ecofair snacks on me at pick up is modest

I think it could work It might actually be popular among the Chinese: they order groceries online, then pick them up, but get to be choosy about produce I have read navigating to visit the grocery after a long workday is particularly challenging around beijing

beanangel, Apr 11 2009

people that like the idea of a fair world http://www.youtube....VKM&feature=channel
[beanangel, Apr 11 2009]




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