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half-bakery game

when we are tired and our head hurts from the website we could relax playing the half-bakery pc game
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choose a playing piece like in monopoly e.g. croissant / tin of custard etc and an idea from the 1/2b perhaps have a playing partner (bags UnaBubba for me - i know we all want UnaBubba even though he's australian, no one is perfect) and then somehow incorporate these into a shoot-em-up game or a shoot them down in flames game as we do here anyway and possibly making up the rules as you go along...........
po, Sep 03 2001

Halfbaked again http://www.halfbake..._2e_2e_20The_20Game
You may be playing right now. [PotatoStew, Sep 03 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       this is for relaxation swivel6   

       were there five of you before?
po, Sep 03 2001

       The game should/must incorporate the use of an "Easy-Bake Oven". Oh, and [swivel6], obviously you haven't met AfroAssault.....
Susen, Sep 03 2001

       If you can make a shoot em up game out of the halfbakery, then by all means let me know how.
AfroAssault, Sep 10 2001

       ....that's YOUR job, Afro.
iuvare, Sep 10 2001

       mayb you shoot at croissant or fish bones and ideas pop out and you have to annotate them or guess how made them or sumthin'?   

       I'm voteing for this idea
GreeboMaster, Sep 16 2001

       Okay, then....

You're armed with various weapons, including the more-than-obvious croissants and fishbones, AK-47, Exploding Cell Phones, Fake Death Ray, Large Turnip, Washbag Assault Rifle, and various other 1/2b inside-joke products. Your mission is to find various ideas within the arena--or wherever the mission will take place-- and attempt to transport them to the "Easy Bake Oven" (for Susen) while battling various 1/2b'rs and their weapons of choice. PeterSealy will more often than not be first to attack and aim his "baked ray" at you, Susen will attack with various horses at her side, egnor's harsh critiques will leave you temporarily bewildered, I will have explosives (duh), iuvare will teleport via hyperspace and avoid your ammo...I'll add more some other time, feel free to build and expand on this.
AfroAssault, Sep 19 2001

       yes, afro old buddy but who did it and with what and in which room?
po, Sep 21 2001

       Colonel Mustard in the bedroom with Miss Scarlet.
AfroAssault, Sep 23 2001


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