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For the next ½bakery convention.
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I get bris on my team.

"What's the category?"
"Ready... flip it."
"Okay, It's a circle... It's the Circular Space-Ship accelerator! No... it's a oval on a stick... it's an oval with a bunch of sticks. It's a bug... oh, it's a Spider! Yes?
Okay, next..."
(Ray draws a puffy c=shape resting on it's edges).
"it's a uh... mushroom... no... it's a croissant... it's a wig? What is that? (Little dots added) It's a handset! It's a phone!"
"Spider.... phone...... hmmm.... It's the Cellphone Disguised as a Huge Hairy Spider with Wiggly Legs!"
"Okay, who's up next?"
"Top 50 Worst Ideas..."

RayfordSteele, Sep 03 2002


       "Its a.....a.....tennis raquet"
" Theres something hurtling at it, its a meteorite...urm plantetary defence system?"
"Potato? urm Really fast food."
Shameless plug of first ever idea.
kaz, Sep 03 2002

       P.S We have conventions? can I come if you're not lying?
kaz, Sep 03 2002

       "Tubes...What the hell is that..." "A rat? Some rodent of some kind..." "What's the vacuum pump for??"
BinaryCookies, Sep 03 2002

       kaz, I'm not certain we've had 'em yet, but I hear rumors of them occuring every once in awhile where the baker / square mile ratio is more dense, like New York and the UK.
RayfordSteele, Sep 04 2002

       Rods, are you referring to genetically engineereed nanite custard that acts as a bluetooth controlled exploding superhero?
thumbwax, Sep 04 2002

       [UnaBubba],<gesturing at UB's face> Is that what is on your chin?
hollajam, Sep 04 2002


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