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heaTed keyboard

gloves and Typing donT mix
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fingers geT cold afTer Typing long nighTs, The whole room doesnT need To be warmed, jusT fingers. maybe a plug in wrisT resT or a hollow keyboard ThaT leTs warm air blow genTly ouT The spaces beTween The keys. i Think This could make loTs of money, buT i donT feel like doing The whole paTenT Thing, someone else can Take This half baked idea, buT please give me a few free models, lol.
Testy, Aug 05 2000

Temperature-Controlled Keyboard temperature_20controlled_20keyboard
More generic, earlier. [jutta, Aug 05 2000, last modified May 26 2006]

USB-heated typing gloves http://www.popgadge...10/usb_gloves_1.php
[jutta, Nov 04 2005]

(?) Link from the annotations. http://www.warmkeyboard.com/
[jutta, May 26 2006]


thumbwax, Aug 05 2000

       The idea has been a round for a while. A patent was issued in 1998. You can buy an electrically warmed keyboard within a month. see www.warmkeyboard.com. The keyboard will be UL listed and safe. A warm mouse will be available near the end of 2005. warmheart, 2/21/2005
warmheart, Feb 21 2005

       Many laptops use the keybard as a heat sink of sorts.
bristolz, Feb 21 2005

       Maybe I missed an inside joke somewhere, but what's with all the capital Ts?
Freefall, Nov 04 2005

       The difficulty of typing with gloves on, I guess. (Check out Testy's other ideas for prior comments on the subject.)
DrCurry, Nov 04 2005

       Bless you and THANKS, warmheart !!! for the http://www.warmkeyboard.com link   

       $50 for a heated keyboard seems a bit steep, doesn't it?   

       How about just putting the keyboard on top of an electric heating pad / battery warmer / whatever works?
nekote, Dec 11 2005

       My fingers burn in the summer, touching my laptop keyboard. And that's with a Lenovo ideapad. Before that I couldn't even touch the kb on my HP Pavilion dv6k.   

       What's needed is a COLD kb!
pashute, Aug 23 2012


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