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keyboard heatsink

toasty toasty hands
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The heating's broken down in our office and it's -2 centigrade. Luckily my laptop (alienware 3.8GHz) runs so hot that I can warm my hands on the exhaust vents, thus making it possible to type.

It might be nicer if that warm air was just funnelled up between the keys on the keyboard.

Or I guess we could just *get the damn heating fixed already*

bumhat, Dec 30 2005

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       I'll buy that.   

       Years ago, I got my hands frozen. Nowdays, I type at about 50 wpm in a well-heated room. Drop down to 60 deg F and my speed drops to about 12. At 50 degrees, I may as well type with my elbow.
lurch, Dec 31 2005

       Many laptops depend on the keyboard as a heatsink already. My Dell M70 amongst them.
bristolz, Dec 31 2005

       A popular problem (see links), but this is the first suggestion I recall to recycle the computer's heat.   

       When I get corporate frostbite, I usually warm my fingers on the screen - perhaps you could incorporate that major heat source too.
DrCurry, Dec 31 2005

       Your screen is warm?
bristolz, Dec 31 2005

       The vents on the top sure are.
DrCurry, Dec 31 2005


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