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warm fingers

central heating in computer keyboards
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Does exaclty what it says on the tin. Warm keys on your computer keyboard would mean that not only can you keep you body warm in a jacket, feet warm on the heater, your digits will stay warm.
fleshpeddlar, Jan 02 2002


fleshpeddlar, Jan 02 2002

       You're not one of those smarty-pants with a TFT monitor then?
angel, Jan 02 2002

       [blissmiss] Cold soup is an obstacle that keeps you from leaving? Is there a moat around your desk?
phoenix, Jan 02 2002

       They make coffee warmers, that would easily hold one of the MondoMugs that people tend to drink soup out of...   

       My problem is staying COOL in this office. A heater would be most unwelcome and shortly smashed...
StarChaser, Jan 02 2002

       Starchaser, I am jealous as I sit and imagine you in some tropical clime with a rotary fan on the ceiling and sweat dripping from your feverish brow, while I sit in a frosty London office cuddling my hot-water-bottle and drifting to and from consciousness. Anyway any news on the prototype of my warm keyboard?
fleshpeddlar, Jan 03 2002

       Lucky you in sub-tropical London. I'm 240 miles further North, with a menopausal co-worker flinging the windows wide open. [StarChaser]'s in Florida; fancy a job-swap, [Star]?
angel, Jan 03 2002

       You'd best believe!! What tube stop are you on? is Florida on the Jubilee line? what do you do? I might be bad at it...
fleshpeddlar, Jan 03 2002

       *gloat* We've been having brilliant weather recently. Maximum of 33 today, 26 right now inside the house with the eggnishner on.
cp, Jan 03 2002

       fingerless gloves anyone?
king chay, Jan 03 2002

       Heh...I'd love to trade. It's actually nice outside now, 56 (F) and drizzly. But some idiot has turned the heater on inside, which is adding to the misery of 300 computers and 150 people putting off hundreds of watts of heat as it is.   

       I'm sitting here at my desk and sweating, with a fan on me. Miserable.
StarChaser, Jan 03 2002

       Warm air will just rise past your fingers and have to be replenished... what you really need is a pair of light gloves with coils of resistance wire (nichrome etc). around the fingers, hooked up to a small power supply... if you're using a USB keyboard it's probably not eating all of the +5V supply on the USB bus... PS/2 keyboards demand far less power and would probably require an auxiliary power source... 9V batteries are reasonably small.   

       Light-gauge wires, of course. Thick wire will fatigue and break as the fingers bend inside the coil... thin wire will just distort the coil to fit the bend.
non3ntity, Jul 12 2002

       Heated keyboard is no longer a halfbaked idea. It is a fully backed mature product. For these of us whose hands get painfully cold after typeing for a while, we really need heated keyboards. Go to google, you will find WarmKeyBoard there. Jag C
Jag C, Oct 11 2005

       Baked - my laptop does this already. Albeit unintentionally - it has a 3.6 GHz desktop P4 inside which runs kinda hot. It also heats up any metal objects left carelessly in front of the air vents, resulting in the occasional burn.
bumhat, Oct 13 2005

       How about just moving the computer tower so that the exhaust from the "cooling" fan blows across the keyboard...this gentle warm air coming from the tower would do the trick and get double use from the energy...very "Green", wot?
Blisterbob, Oct 14 2005


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